WRIC Helps “Adopted Daughters” for Kin-Search Four families Identified Their Relatives On the Spot

By WRIC                       May 13, 2012


On May 13, 2012, mother’s day, the Kin Search Project named the Gathering Day for Every Family was conducted in Chang Le, Fu Jian Province. Invited by families trying to find their relatives and the organizations conducting kin search, two volunteers of WRIC, accompanied by a German Women and Children Organization rendered them economic assistance to hire Zheng De Xin Judicial Expertise Institution for DNA tests. After the parental testing on the spot, Guo Yunjin recognized her biological father, Lin Fugui; Lin Yachun recognized her biological father, Huang Mingguan, Chen Youqin recognized her biological father Lin Guoqing, Lin Fan and her sister Shi Jinchai. Good news keep coming after the event. According to the report by the project manager of the DNA database on May 18, there have been 15 adopted daughters find their biological parents. This is a successful example of kin search through DNA matching pioneering a new route to family recognition.



This is the second time WRIC organized the event for child brides finding their parents in 2012. The first event was held on January 16, 2012.


Because of the traditional concept of “men are superior to women” and escalated by the birth control policy, a few of families had to give away the new delivered girls. Therefore many child brides had no memories of their hometown and relatives. DNA parenting test is the only way to identify their long lost families after twenty or thirty years.


Meeting started at 9 am on May 13.The assembly hall of Bin Xin Literature, located at the center of the Bin Xin Park in Chang Le, was overcrowded with hundreds of child brides and parents looking for their girls. At the meeting, adopted daughters and parents was introducing themselves in hope of finding their relatives. Out of the meeting hall, girls and parents were exchanging their background information and not let any detail slip away.


In the woods of the park,   pairs of people looking alike were identifying each other. White-headed elders and adopted daughters clasped hands and touched each other’s faces. During the three-hour meeting, three girls found their parents.



From 2 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon, DNA tests were conducted in the Forever Studio nearby. Thirty child brides coming from Pin Hai Fishing Village in Putian and twenty parents from Chang Le drew blood for DNA analysis.  Three pairs were successfully matched on the testing spot.


When the event in Chang Le finished, volunteers of WRIC hurried to child brides’ families in Putian that evening and interviewed them on 14 and 15.  On the afternoon of 16, the wonderful news came that the DNA results of child bride, Guo Yunjin and her father Lin Fugui were matched. Many cases were waiting for testing and matching.


This event achieved the maximum effect. Because parents in Chang Le were too old to travel and adopted parents were negative to the event, child brides could not earn financial support from them.  When hearing WRIC sponsored DNA test expenses, those child brides who didn’t think they would get any presents raise hopes again. The good news relieved us.


Before the event, volunteers provided information in terms of other approaches of kin search. Three pairs of parents found their children respectively in Quanzhou, Fujian, Nanchang, Jiangsu and Guiyang, Guizhou. WRIC keeps raising fund for kin search activities.



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