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One of the Family Planning memoir series:



Introduction of The Orphans of Shao:

This book consists of case studies that exemplify the historical 30-year long-lasting policy in China, the One-Child Policy. Due to the effect that the National Law has created, Mr. Pang exposed the corrupted adoption system in China. The farmers in many villages are forced to fines that they cannot afford to pay so the officials take their children away. The officials then sell the children for a low price to government orphanages. The orphanages then put these children up for international adoptions and collect the high-priced fees for these adoptions. The international adoptions are usually in Europe and in the United States. These families that adopted these children truly believe that the children are orphans. After their children were kidnapped by the officials, the parents embarked on a long and draining odyssey to recover them. After searching fruitlessly for many years, the heartbroken and desperate parents were on the verge of losing all hope. At that time an investigative reporter discovered new leads for them. The reporter published an exclusive report exposing the kidnapping of their children by the Family Planning officials. Women’s Rights in China is very fortunate to gain Mr. Pang’s copyrights to publish his book in the United States in English. Mr. Pang has suffered many murderous threats due to his work on this book. It is our hope that we can bring one journalist’s hard work to fruition as well as the whole truth behind how the government implements the One-Child Policy in China. The product of this book is the result of many volunteers’ hard work.



Two of the Family Planning memoir series:




Introduction of The Status of Females in Rural China:

The Chinese government, in the name of the state, has carried out an anti-human massacre plan with the largest scale, the largest number of murders, the worst torture and the deepest harm in human history, which is the root of depriving Chinese women and children of their basic rights and interests. The abduction and trafficking of children, the gender imbalance, the aging society, and the upbringing problems among families, derived from the One Child policy, have caused serious social problems, even immeasurable disasters. The 5 main projects of WRIC include anti-forced abortion, helping child brides, anti-trafficking activities, supporting abandoned girls, and assisting rural baby girls. This book features more than 300 pictures, all of which were taken by WRIC volunteers along with their true stories that show the reality of rural women’s lives in China. For this, our volunteers were jailed and given different sentences. If you research China’s One-Child Policy and the statuses of women and children in rural China, this book will tell you more details about the reality of 800 million people living in the countryside.



Tree of the Family Planning memoir series:


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Introduction of Chinese version Book






“宁可血流成河,不能多生一个。”“宁添十座坟,不添一个人。”  “打出来!堕出来!流出来!就是不能生下来!” ……

三十多年来,数千万妇女怀孕三、四个月,甚至八、九个月,被计生干部、妇女主任、计生委搜、抓、拉、捕,强行绑架进卫生院,绑上产床。在她们的哀求声中、嚎哭声中、咒骂声中注射杀胎毒剂,以执行国家政策的名义处决她们腹中没有罪行没有年龄的“罪犯” ——胎儿。数千万小生命,因为是二胎,因为没有准生证,因为计划外怀孕,被强行流产、引产、堕胎。有时,他们死于母亲的腹中,有时生下来还活着,张开嘴巴啼哭着问:“为什么杀我?”“为什么夺去我的生命?”却被溺死、弄死。人性在这场战争中泯灭。母亲在这场战争中遭受蹂躏。胎儿在这场战争中被无情屠杀。编者在这本书中陈列了八十二个计划生育强制堕胎案例。是他们的花圈,他们的坟茔,他们的墓碑。




Four of the Family Planning memoir series:




Introduction of Chinese version Book









Five of the Family Planning memoir series:



Introduction of Chinese version Book:



中國政府以國家名義實施了一項在人類史上規模最大、殺人最多、屠刑最慘、傷害最深的反人類大屠殺計劃,是半個世紀來剝奪中國婦兒基本權益的罪魁禍首。中國一孩國策衍生出來的拐賣兒童、性別比例失調、人口老化及獨生子女教育等造成了嚴重的社會問題,甚至是無法衡量的災難。總部設在紐約的非營利NGO組織中國婦權,全力幫助受中國計劃生育國策迫害的婦女兒童,尤其是貧困農民家庭,在中國開展反強制墮胎、反拐賣婦兒、幫助童養媳認親、孤女助學及農村女嬰輔助計劃等五大項目。十年來,中國婦權與男權文化和中國的法律及政策的不公,進行了不屈不撓的抗爭,歷經艱辛,在中國政府無情打壓,資金匱乏的情況下,中國婦權義工將十年來維權經歷記錄成書。 本書由中國婦權義工採訪、紀錄及編寫,並配有約200張彩色清晰圖片,在紐約發行及印刷。