People were tears flow at Gao Yaojie memorial ceremony

WRIC Jing Zhang                                            12-17-2023


Two non-profit organizations in New York, Women’s Rights in China and Christian Alliance for Justice, held the “Memorial Service for Dr. Gao Yaojie” in Flushing, NYC December 17,2023. Chinese-New Yorkers from all walks of life watched documentaries, photos of the Dr. Gao during his lifetime, and friends and juniors. They also shared their respective memories of Dr. Gao Yaojie’s great contribution to China’s AIDS prevention and control work and realized the huge and difficult price paid by a “whistleblower” who told the truth in China. About 50 people including workers, scholars, and legal workers from different regions jointly remember Dr. Gao, as the highly respected physician that she was and may her voice and smile remain in everyone’s heart.

Ms. Wu Tting, representing Women’s Rights IN China, spoke. (Photo: WRIC)


Pastor Shao Jun delivered a speech. (Photo: WRIC)


Zhang Yan read the elegiac couplet by Ai Xiaoming. (Photo: WRIC)


Li Qing read a mourning poem for Dr. Gao Yaojie, expressing sincere emotions, and many people shed tears along with her. (Photo: WRIC)


Li Zhanhong read the mourning article by Jin Zhong. She also shared her story with Grandma Gao, unable to hold back tears. (Photo: WRIC)

Susan Ms.Susan read two “Mourning Poems” by Zhang Baolin. (Photo: WRIC)


The memorial service began with the pastor of Rock Church leading everyone to observe silence and pray. A video was played to introduce the life story of Dr. Gao Yaojie. Ms. Wuting, representing Chinese Women’s Rights, recalled Dr. Gao Yaojie’s justice and her lofty moral ideals.


Zhang Yan read the elegiac couplet of Professor Ai Xiaoming, who is currently in Wuhan: “Bloodshed in the Central Plains/Call out with motherly love/Help those in need. Walking alone in the dark night/There is a lone soldier who bravely writes a book and talks about it/Although he is dead, he is still alive.” Gao Yaojie is a lonely and brave person. She uses her personal conscience to fight against a powerful lying dictatorship and uses her personality charm to demonstrate her conscience as a doctor.


Ms.Susan read two “Mourning Poems” by Zhang Baolin, the former editor-in-chief of “China Times”. In one of his poems, he wrote: “The dark night is like a rock, and the shining stars can be seen/The glimmer of light may not be invisible. The bloody massacre shocked the world and the gods were silent/man-made disaster frightened me and I woke up alone. Save the disadvantages but regret the harm to your own flesh and blood/Kuang Shi is willing to be Lao Pengping. After Teresa, who achieved this?”


The Wei Jingsheng Foundation also sent an elegiac couplet in memory of Dr. Gao Yaojie.


Mr. Yang Shisong delivered a speech. (Photo: WRIC)



Cai Guihua (left )read the elegiac couplet. (Photo: WRIC)



Mr. Jin Zhong, the former editor-in-chief of “Open Magazine” and the publisher of “Blood Disaster: 10,000 Letters” by Dr. Gao Yaojie, shared his thoughts in a eulogy for the memorial service. He mentioned that Dr. Gao had printed over 1.2 million copies of educational materials, published seven books distributed to half a million copies worldwide, all funded by her own bonuses, fees, and savings without any donations. She planned to publish three books (with “Blood Disaster” being one of them), believing that publications could enlighten people and permanently eliminate AIDS in China. Publications also served as a way to expose blood trafficking and fake medical practices. He sharply pointed out the indignation of witnessing and experiencing the AIDS catastrophe in their hometown, comparable only to the Great Famine, yet no one has been held accountable, and no one has taken responsibility. Mr. Jin Zhong pointed out that the Henan Provincial Party Secretary Li Changchun and Health Department Director Liu Quanxi, who once advocated “selling blood for a comfortable life,” are now protected and have risen to the rank of CCP Politburo members. The inheritors of disaster in Henan, in an era of stark contrasts in wealth and power, can still expect protection. He emphasized, “What? They don’t understand: the blood disaster twenty years ago, like the Great Famine sixty years ago, is the highest state secret and the greatest failure of the party-state. Mao’s bloody tyranny transformed into the AIDS blood disaster, both accumulating a huge blood debt owed to the people. Dr. Gao Yaojie is the warrior who sought repayment from the CCP for this endless blood debt.”


Eva, the author of “Finding Survivors of the Great Famine,” “List of Victims of Family Planning,” and “Fetuses Executed by National Policies,” shared a unique connection with Dr. Gao Yaojie. She represented the “cross-generational friendship” with Dr. Gao in her mourning poem read by Li Qing. It resonates as a spiritual call: “Mother Gao, many times, many times, four hands clasped. I look at you, you look at me. You say, if I’m gone, who will you come to see? This time, I’m really a bit angry. You didn’t even fake a note. I didn’t go through approval. No mental preparation. You just flew away to a place I can’t find you…”


Eva visited Mother Gao between Boston and New York thirty times over eight years, treating each visit like going back to her mother’s home, bringing fresh fruits and flowers joyfully.


A brother from Rock Church read the tribute sent by Fu Li and Su Xiaokang. It was revealed that Fu Li’s hometown in Henan was a neighbor to Dr. Gao Yaojie’s family, and Dr. Gao’s daughter was also Fu Li’s classmate. The tribute cited a survey by Mr. Zhu Xueqin in 2008, revealing that although there were at least 400,000 doctors in China, only four doctors stood up to expose the health hazards and severe consequences of AIDS blood plasma. Among them, only Dr. Gao Yaojie persisted until now. From a public health perspective, Dr. Gao, after struggling against the system, was able to help the people. Surprisingly, the government persecuted her, forced her into exile, and eventually “forced” her into a world-renowned public health hero!


Pastor Shao Jun from the Christian Alliance for Justice and Li Shixiong, the founder of the China Religious Persecution Investigation Committee, reminisced about visiting Mother Gao, admiring her for holding onto moral principles and the noble spirit of speaking the truth with conscience.


Mr. Li Shixiong delivered a speech. (Photo: WRIC)


Brother Ruan read the tribute from the Su Xiaokang couple. (Photo: WRIC)


Mr. Ying Xin spoke. (Photo: WRIC)


Ms. Hai Lü, who had the chance encounter with Dr. Gao Yaojie and fondly calls her “Grandma Gao,” shared her days of staying with Grandma Gao. Through the details of daily life, she witnessed Grandma Gao’s resilience and gentle love, which deeply moved her into tears that flowed like a spring. The women in the audience were also moved to tears.


A young lady born in Henan expressed deep admiration for Dr. Gao Yaojie, who made significant contributions to the people of Henan. In her speech, she shared a small story before attending the memorial. In a WeChat group with hundreds of Henan people, she posted information about Dr. Gao Yaojie’s memorial service, hoping Henan people would join her. Unfortunately, only one person responded. After that, the group fell silent, with only two people willing to stand up and attend the memorial service for this great doctor who once saved lives in Henan. She said, “I’m really speechless! In fact, what is the most important thing in a person’s life? It’s conscience. Only conscience is the most important!”


During the memorial service, Dr. Li Zhanhong, Mr. Ying Xin, and Lawyer Ruan all raised the same profound question — where is the conscience of the Chinese people?


In her speech, Ms. F in the audience also reminded everyone to think about why Dr. Gao, a respected senior citizen who made great contributions to the Chinese nation, and had to leave her hometown at the age of 83. Why can’t China, which is so big and vast, tolerate a woman of her caliber who tells the truth?


Their admiration for Dr. Gao, who dedicated herself and went into exile, continued to contribute, and even wanted her ashes to return to China deepened. What is the spirit of Dr. Gao Yaojie — fearless against power, daring to speak the truth, adhering to medical ethics, persistently doing beneficial things for people and society? That is the spirit of Dr. Gao Yaojie.


On the second day, December 18, the Chinese Women’s Rights delegation attended the farewell ceremony for Dr. Gao Yaojie’s body, bringing flowers and wreaths.


Acknowledgments: Mr. Ning Xianhua, Chairman of the National United Association of the China Democratic Party, wrote banners and elegiac couplets for the memorial service, and, along with many volunteers, helped set up the venue. Hai Lü and others not only provided the venue but also prepared snacks, dried fruits, and coffee, making the atmosphere of the memorial service very warm. The organizers expressed special gratitude.


A fellow Henan speaker expressed regretful tears for the indifference of her fellow Henan people, feeling sorry for Grandma Gao Yaojie, who had wholeheartedly served the people of Henan.


Ms. Hai Lü spoke. (Photo: WRIC)


Lawyer Ruan spoke. (Photo: WRIC)


Ms. F spoke. (Photo: WRIC)


Ms. Liu spoke.  (Photo: WRIC)


Little Li Qing spoke. (Photo: WRIC)


Chen Changhe spoke. (Photo: WRIC)


Some participants took a group photo. (Photo: WRIC)

WRIC Zhang Jing hosted the memorial service.   (Photo: WRIC)