35th Tiananmen Commemoration & Annual Award

Visual Artists Guild 視覺藝術家協會
Cordially Invites You To The

35th Tiananmen Commemoration 六四紀念 頒獎活動
& Annual Award (On-Line)


May 26, 2024 Sunday at 2 P.M. (PDT)

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Chen Pinlin (Plato) 陈品霖
Shanghai director of the documentary film, Urumqi Middle Road, about the nationwide ”white paper movement,” a series of protests against three years of rolling lockdowns and compulsory testing under China’s zero-COVID policy.
After he uploaded the documentary to Youtube, Chen has been charged with the catch all crime of “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble” and disappeared.

Chen Weiming 陳維明
Artist/Sculptor Founder of Liberty Sculpture Park
Formerly the 2014 Honoree of Visual Artists Guild’s Spirit of Tiananmen Awardee, Chen Weiming has built the Park with massive sculptures commemorating the victims of Tiananmen and the struggle for human rights and democracy in China and Hong Kong.

Guest Speaker

Our Guest Speaker will talk about his yet to be published book on China’s Zero-Covid policy and the subsequent White Paper Movement.   The Movement which spread all over China in late 2022.

Charles Lam
Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles

Charles has been an active member of Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles since 2011. He is one of the spokespersons of the organization.  He is actively engaged in advocacy work for Hong Kong in the United and Canada educating elected officials about the situation in Hong Kong.  He serves as a commentator on US affaris on YouTube and other news channels.

Highlight Prisoner of Conscience

Zeng Yuxua 曾雨璇
A law student from China convicted of sedition under Hong Kong’s National Security Law.  Zeng was sent back to China after she served her sentence in Hong Kong but now has disappeared.