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Women’s Rights in China (WRIC), established in 2007, is an NGO organization registered in New York State, USA with 501(c) tax-exempt status. WRIC recognizes the universal value of human rights and commits to promoting the political, economic, social and cultural rights of Chinese women and children. WRIC exposes social injustice and are willing to cooperate with relevant organizations to carry out various human rights projects in China. Your donation will help us achieve our goal of promoting equal value for women.

Where did the donation go?

Your donation can help WRIC do many things: It can raise awareness of women and children’s rights in Chinese society. For example, anti-trafficking activities, we help trafficked women and children find their relatives. Volunteers at WRIC risked their lives to fight against the injustice of traditional culture against women. Additionally, they expose the disasters caused by government policies to women. We have campaigned against forced abortions and saved lives. We also donate baby formula to abandoned little girls in poor rural areas. Since news and information are heavily censored in China, WRIC has to face more pressure in terms of authority and resources in order to present the reality of China to the world. People in open countries/regions can learn more about the social status of Chinese women through our Chinese and English websites and social media. We hope the international community to do something about vulnerable groups in China.

100% of your donation goes towards the above activities. Your donation is tax-deductible.




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