Women’s Right in China acknowledges universal human rights. We strive to protect and advance the political, economic, social and cultural rights of women and children in China. WRIC strives to expose social injustice, advocate for the rights of women and children and operate charitable projects in China in cooperation with allied organizations. With your donation, it pushes us further towards our goal.

Where does it go?

Your donation helps us do two things: bring awareness to the problems that millions of Chinese women and children face – and organize life-changing events around the world. Donations are tax deductible.

International Awareness

News and information is highly censored in China. That’s why we strive to heighten awareness about such issues in other countries around the world, where people CAN access this information and help make a difference.

Changing Lives

In China, we’ve reunited lost children with their families, organized substantial fundraisers for abandoned little girls in poor rural orphanages, and our reporters are constantly putting their lives on the line to expose the ills of the One Child Policy.

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