Ignoring the Abduction and Abuse of Chinese Women, Peng Liyuan Must Resign as “Special Envoy” to Atone

WRIC: Zhang Jing                                                 March 3,2022



Ignoring the abduction and abuse of Chinese women, Peng Liyuan must resign as “special envoy” to atone




At the end of February this year, a photo of “Eight Girls” with an iron chain tied around her neck was exposed, which aroused widespread concern among the Chinese people, with more than 4 billion clicks and hundreds of millions of comments. The Jiangsu provincial government has released investigation reports five times, all of which used one lie to cover up another lie, and failed to quell the voices of doubt and condemnation from the Chinese people and even overseas Chinese. The Chinese government adopted old-fashioned methods to suppress the media and delete the posts of scholars and netizens. At the same time, the victim “Cha in Girl” was kept in a mental hospital, and local officials were expelled from the Party in lieu of criminal penalties and civil compensation. On March 1, netizens exposed another “Iron Dragon Girl” tragedy in Jiaxian County, Shaanxi Province. A young woman was locked in an iron cage for a long time, but she could not be rescued by the local government police. We are deeply concerned that the “Chain Girls” will be shut up forever in the hospital, and that many more “Cage Girls” in China will be “disappeared”.


Today is International Women’s Day on March 8, and March is also the Women’s History Month in the United States. Originally, it was a day when all women in the world happily celebrated their festivals, but during the nearly 40 years of China’s implementation of the national policy of family planning, at least 10 million women and children have Like Xuzhou’s “Chain Girls”, they were trafficked, abused, raped, gang-raped, made into sex slaves and reproductive machines. As China’s first lady, Peng Liyuan was awarded the title of “Special Envoy for the Promotion of Girls’ and Women’s Education” by UNESCO in 2014, but she turned a blind eye to the large number of Chinese women and children in suffering. “Dragon Girl” and other tragedies did nothing; turning a blind eye to the 80 million left-behind children in rural China who lacked care and access to normal education, Peng Liyuan did not deserve this title, she tarnished the name of the special envoy. Therefore, on March 8, International Women’s Day, we make two of requests to UNESCO, UN Women and UNICEF:


  1. Require UN Women and UNICEF to intervene, urge the Chinese government to effectively combat the issue of human trafficking, thoroughly investigate the truth of the ongoing cases of “Chain Girl” and “Cage Girl”, and hold all those involved in the criminal interest held accountable. Criminal liability and civil damages.


  1. In view of the growing problem of a large number of Chinese and Southeast Asian girls being abducted and trafficked to rural China, Peng Liyuan has done nothing for many years, she has not fulfilled her own responsibilities, we strongly urge UNESCO to cancel Peng Liyuan’s “special envoy for the promotion of women’s and children’s education” Stop dressing up the vanity of the First Lady with the suffering of the girls, and free up the seat for another truly responsible and caring sage.


We will never forget the painful eyes of the “Chain Girls” and “Iron Cage Girls”. We will continue to pay attention to them, speak out for justice for them, ask for the truth of the case, criminal accountability and civil compensation, and we will continue to work with the suffering The tormented sisters stand together!








(Chinese original article by Jing Zhang)


無視中國女性被拐受虐 彭麗媛須辭「特使」謝罪


                                          張菁               2022-03-08





今天是三八國際婦女節,三月也是美國婦女歷史月,原本是世界上所有婦女歡快慶祝自己節日的日子,但在中國實施計生國策的近40年裡,至少有一千萬的女性及兒童與徐州「鐵鍊女」一樣,被拐賣、虐待、強姦、輪姦、做性奴及生育機器。 作為中國第一夫人的彭麗媛,在2014年接受聯合國教科文組織授予「促進女孩和婦女教育特使」的職銜,卻對苦難中的大量中國婦女兒童不聞不問,對「鐵鍊女」、「鐵龍女」等慘案毫無作為;對8千萬缺乏關愛、無法獲得正常教育的中國農村留守兒童視而不見,彭麗媛不配這個頭銜,她玷污了特使的名稱。因此,藉三月八日國際婦女節,我們向聯合國教科文組織及婦女署、兒童基金會提出我們的兩項訴求:


1、要求聯合國婦女署及兒童基金會介入、促使中國政府有效打擊人口拐賣問題,徹查正在發生的「鐵鍊女」、「鐵籠女」案件真相, 並追究犯罪利益鏈上所有涉案者的刑事責任和民事賠償。








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