We Ask the UN to Pay Attention to the Millions of Tortured Sex Slaves in China



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Re:       Save Millions of Tortured Sex Slaves in China


Date:    March 8th, 2022



Dear Respected UNESCO, UN Women and UNICEF:


We are writing to urge you to pay close attention to the millions of tortured sex slaves in China, intervene and investigate the horrible anti-human crimes that the Chinese government has committed against millions of Chinese women/girls, and demand the Chinese government (the CCP) stop such crimes and protect the disadvantaged women and children, and give them back their basic human rights and the dignity as a human being.


The “Chained woman” in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, exposed two months ago, and the “iron-caged woman” in Yulin, Shaanxi, exposed a few days ago, have detonated the online world due to their extremely inhumane and tragic encounters, and caused widespread concern and anger in China and the whole world. Actually, this is just a tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of thousands of women (girls) who are abducted/kidnapped and trafficked in the CCP’s mainland China every year. In addition to the general loss of conscience and corruption of people’s hearts under the CCP’s evil ruling, there are also systemically institutional causes for such tragedy: the corruption of the ruling power, law enforcement officers’ involvement in crimes and becoming the umbrella of the criminals, and the general promiscuity of the CCP officials at all levels, which has contributed to the birth of the industry of “supply of extramarital sex demand”. For example, the iron-chained woman was originally a beautiful virgin used by the secretary and mayor of Feng County in Xuzhou to sexually bribe their upper officials. After being used, she was sold to a poor man as a sex slave. These women live a life of being constantly raped and group-raped, turned into reproductive machines, tortured, beaten, abused, chained/caged and even treated as mentally ill…… Many are even tortured to death.


When the iron-chained woman case was first exposed, the local government tried its best to cover up and deny it. Later, amid the news was hit more than 20 billion times on the world network, and the widespread angry roaring for accountability, the county, city and even the provincial government had to conduct a “comprehensive” and “in-depth” investigation, and published five investigation reports, which are all to “call the deer as a horse”, to cover previous lies with a new lie, and to diminish the facts and crimes. This once again fully reflects the CCP’s customary evil tactics: suppressing the media, deleting posts, tracing and suppressing those who expose the truth, and centrally disposing (or even “eliminating”) these “Chained women” to prevent further exposure, and punishing several scapegoats; instead of allowing the exposure of facts, thoroughly investigating the truth, prosecuting all the criminals, examining the institutional root causes, and improving the implementation of the law.


Although we are fortunate enough to flee China and avoid such an inhuman fate, we are very worried that our fellow Chinese there, including our loved ones, such as wives, mothers, daughters or sisters. Since they may be kidnapped and trafficked, forced to marry, raped and gang-raped, chained, locked in a dungeon… Her dreams, happiness and even dignity will be brutally destroyed, and finally she will become the “Chained woman” whose life is inferior to an animal.


Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, and March is also the Women’s History Month in the United States. Supposedly, it should be a day when all women in the world happily celebrate their festival. But we cannot help crying sadly in the lieu of at least 10 million women and children in China suffering from the same inhumane lives as the “Chained woman” in the past several decades. Therefore, on this special day of International Women’s Day on March 8, we, the overseas Chinese, raise the following two requests to the UNESCO, UN Women and UNICEF:


  1. To intervene and demand the Chinese government thoroughly investigate the actual situation of the trafficked women in China, such as the “Iron-Chained Woman” and “Iron-Caged Woman”, who shocked the entire world, and prosecute all the criminals in such a chain of interest for their criminal and civil liabilities; to demand the Chinese government find out the truth, scale and systemically institutional problems associated with the trafficking, abuse, and violence of women and children; to demand the Chinese government establish and improve the law enforcement system to prevent trafficking and abusing of women and children.
  2. In view of the fact that numerous women and children in China have been trafficked and abused, and at least hundreds of thousands of Southeast Asian women have been trafficked to China, and there are at least 80 million left-behind Chinese children in the rural areas who lack care and cannot go to school normally, and Ms. Peng, Liyuan, “the special envoy for women and children’s education”, has done nothing to help the suffered women and children for many years, we strongly urge the UN to remove Peng, Liyuan from the honorary position of “Special Envoy for the Promotion of Women and Children’s Education”! She has failed this title!


We look forward to the UN’s response to our appeal as we are continuing our fight for the justice for our miserable and enslaved sisters in China!




Respectfully submitted,


Zhang, Jing

President, Women’s Rights in China

Email: wrchina2007@gmail.com

Mailing address: PO Box 527917, Flushing, NY 11353


This open letter was mailed on behalf of all petitioners.




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