Forum on the China “Chained Woman” ——and in Recognition of Zhao, Lanjian for Exploring the Truth

WRIC                                                                         09-5-2022


At the end of January 2022, the “Chained Woman” case broke out in Xuzhou, China. The tragic experience of the “Chained Woman”, such as being abducted and sold, chained all the time, beaten, pulled all the teeth, raped and group-raped, and living a life inferior to livestock has aroused the deep sympathy and concern of hundreds of millions of people. Under the pressure of the public media, the governments of Jiangsu Province and Xuzhou City successively published five investigation reports, and lightly punished the responsible persons and several low-level officials while avoiding the important and high-level officials, and falsely claimed that the “Chained Woman” was Xiao Huamei from Yunnan Province. But Chinese netizens disagreed with the government’s conclusion, pointing out that the five reports were contradictory and full of loopholes.


Then Zhao, Lanjian, a reporter, broke through many barriers and found Xiaohuamei’s uncle in Nujiang Village at the southwestern border of China. Having interviewed Xiaohuamei’s uncle, he published the interview video and a written report Xiaohuamei’s Uncle: The Chained Woman Is Not Xiaohuamei, directly refuting the lies of the CCP government with factual evidence. The report immediately became viral, and received tens of millions of views. Then Zhao, Lanjian became the CCP’s target. He received dozens of telephone warnings, harsh questioning and intimidation from the police of five provinces and cities. In August of this year, Zhao, Lanjian successfully came to New York. He has been constantly speaking for the “Chained Woman” and telling his own experience and the truth.


Women’s Rights in China, Christian Alliance for Righteousness and other NGOs jointly organize this forum to voice for the countless “Chained Women” in mainland China, and to commend Zhao, Lanjian for his courage to explore the truth without fear of the pressure. We hope that Zhao, Lanjian will join us in the new environment and continue fighting for the rights of the Chinese women and children and social injustice. We cordially invite all with conscience to join us. Let us speak out for the voiceless who are suppressed at the bottom of society!



Forum on the China “Chained Woman”  ——and in Recognition of Zhao Lanjian for Exploring the  Truth



September 17th, 2022, 2:00pm–4:00pm Taiwan Center

137-44 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354


Guest Speakers:

-Ann Noonan, Executive Director of Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting

-Ann Lau, Chair of Visual Artists Guild

-Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights without Frontiers

-Ilshat H. Kokbore, Director of Uyghur Human Rights Project

-Tsultrim Gyatso, Chinese Liaison Officer at the Office of Tibet Washington DC

-Chen, Pokong, self-media commentator

-Zhou, Fengsuo, President of Humanitarian China

-Zhang, Lin, self-media commentator

-Wang, Juntao, President of China Democracy Party

-Reporter, Zhao, Lanjian (will share his experience and spiritual journey)



Zhang, Jing, President of Women’s Rights in China

Shao, Jun, President of Christian Alliance for Righteousness


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