The Bloodcurdling Crime of Harvesting Children’s Organs Rampant in China (ADULTS ONLY)

WRIC                                            11-18-2021

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY R-18. (The video is real, but uncomfortable to watch. Video is for adults only. )

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At the beginning of March 2016, several Fujian children were being killed for their organs. The Chinese police categorically claimed that it was a rumor. The police used official and semi-official media to refute the rumors, delete posts, intimidate those who attempt to spread such information, and arrest them. Women’s Rights in China organization obtained a clear video of the scene, which gave the Chinese police and relevant departments a resounding slap in the face. In a building in Putian City, Fujian Province, the bodies of several children were found. The removed organs are seen and the crying of the parents of the victims are heard. The new criminal trend is shifting from harvesting adult organs to kidnapping children for organ harvesting. The coastal area of Fujian has long been a hotbed for human trafficking and now there are increasing number of cases in which murder and organ harvesting cases happening more than before, all over China.

It is an indisputable fact that China is the world’s largest source of human organ transplantation. It is reported that a kidney costs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan(RMB). Young and healthy organs are more expensive and attractive to such buyers. The Chinese police are powerless to find the missing children, and will only try their best to block the truth. In fact, since 2008, a large number of cases of organ harvesting of abducted children have been reported on the Internet. There are also corpses and photos of the organ harvest victims, but all of them have been deleted by the police on the grounds of causing social panic. On August 10, 2014, several TV stations reported a case cracked by the police in Jiangxi Province, in which a kidney trafficking gang raised 40 people and harvested 23 kidneys, which were airlifted, disguised as seafood. ( The link later showed 404).

On November 5, 2013, Phoenix Weekly published a report “The Shady Story of Human Organ Trading in China”. The article disclosed that based on the analysis of the strange phenomena in the mainland organ market, international medical experts believe that there must be a huge underground human organ bank in the mainland, or even a live organ bank—living organs whose blood types have been checked in advance and relevant data files have been prepared. Suppliers, after obtaining the “demand” for organs in the market, these live organ suppliers are sent to “hospitals” (slaughterhouses). Only in this way can we ensure the ultra-short waiting time of “on call” in the organ market time.

A WRIC volunteer in New York mentioned in a chat with a friend from China about the case where a missing child’s organs were discovered. Her friend didn’t believe it at first, saying that the police and relevant departments had refuted the rumors and that it was false, but after watching our video, she felt shocked. We decided to release the video, reminding all parents to be vigilant so that their children will not be victimized.