Zeyuan Dai


Name: Zeyuan Dai

Date of Birth: 09/–/1998

Tel: 13865025339

Height: 1.1meters tall

Nicknamed Tiantian, he was 3 years-old when he went missing. He was lost on December 22, 2001 at Castle Park Loudi LIANGANG, wearing a blue denim coat with a fur collar, a blue sweater, a floral scarf around his neck, blue pants with red lining, and green wool shoes. When last seen he was thin, had a very high forehead, and a Hunan bimodal accent. He has a small mole on his left wrist, and has a small birthmark near his back. He goes by his nickname “Tian” and knows his father’s name “Dai Hongbo”. “We will give a reward for accurate information.

Location where lost: Loudi City LIANGANG Castle Park

State: Hunan Province