Xiaoke Sun


Name: Xiaoke Sun

Date of Birth: –/–/1995

Tel: 13865025339

She was lost in Sunzhuang Village, Changxing District, Changge City, Henan Province on June 9th, 2000. She was four years and nine months old, and was last seen wearing a white short-sleeved round neck shirt, and yellow pants. She had a round face and big eyes, double eyelids, long eyelashes, slightly yellow hair, pale skin, and one black dot in the right corner of the eye. She can recognize her parents and is familiar with words like “shoe”, “Monk Bridge”, “Church”, “Child prodigy kindergarten”. If anyone sees her, please contact Christian Church as soon as possible, we will reward you for accurate information.

Location where lost: Sunzhuang Village, Changxing District, Changge City

State: Henan Province