Three Legal Rights Activists Xie Wen Fei, Wang Fu Lei, and Wang Mo Arrested in Guangzhou.

Women’s Rights in China volunteer: Su Chang Lan                                             Translator: Molly A. Moffitt


On the afternoon of June 26, Women’s Rights in China Activists Xie Wen Fei, Wang Fu Lei, and Wang Mo were recently in Guangzhou’s Jiaokou station, passing out flyers in order to find another missing activist, Zhang Sheng Yu (Zhang Wing Ping). Several police came and surrounded them.

On the 27th, Ma Sheng Fen  (Whom in February 2014, attended two lectures involving arrested legal rights activists) upon hearing the news of the three people  passing out flyers being arrested, her and Huang Min Peng waited for Xie Fei, Wang Fu Lei, and Wang Mo at a hall at 8 am. In the afternoon, Ma Sheng Fen met three members of the police force and wanted to treat the three policemen to a meal, but encountered the police force’s refusal. One police officer said, “They can’t eat a meal, only mianbao and water.”

Ma Sheng Fen only bought mianbao and water to give them to eat. The three officers refused again for them to eat mianbao and water, and proposed that they only will eat rice, such an intense protest by refusal of food!

Upon late afternoon, Ma Sheng Fen and Huang Min Peng had not yet seen the three activists arrive.  Ma Sheng Fen wanted to treat the police squad to a meal, but was met with the police’s refusal, in which one police officer said, “Our leader told me to come down and was order to not allow these three people to eat.”

Ma Sheng Fen argued strongly on just grounds, and using a tongue lashing asked why they shouldn’t be allowed to have food, that this was against authorities regulations, and that police have ignored Ma Sheng Fen’s question.

Afterwards, Ma Sheng Fen called 110, the police branch’s complaint line, and after five times a police officer answered. Ma Sheng Fen asked him to reflect upon the issue of the Shi Wei dispatch not giving Xie Wen Fei, Wang Fu Lei, and Wang Mo food. Finally, out of Ma Sheng Fen’s intense demand, police dispatched two officers to accompany Ma Sheng Fen while she bought food to give to the three prisoners. Combined with Ma Sheng Fen’s desire for the entire police dispatch to leave at once, Ma Sheng Fen saw that the police gave the prisoners food and room conditions that would put her mind at ease.

Seven o’clock that evening, Ma Sheng Fen and Huang Min Peng saw Xie Wen Fei, Wang Fu Lei, and Wang Mo wearing prison clothes, and being escorted by twenty police officers to a police car. On June 29th, Ma Sheng Fen went to Fang Cun Pen Wan Shi Wei Tang sector to launch a specialized investigation for news of the imprisonment of Xie Wen Fei, Wang Fu Lei, and Wang Mo, and came across a police officer to find out the whereabouts of the three prisoners.

This police officer told Ma Sheng Fen “The three prisoners are staying at the larger Baishui Zhai Dadao prison and are in the custody of Guangzhou, the offense is the crime of disturbing the peace, and are in custody for seven days.”

However, no one has seen the impounds’ books. Everyone please pay close attention to Xie Wen Fei, Wang Fu Lei, and Wang Mo’s situation’s development.


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