List of Several Missing Children from 2013

saved01Chen Kun, male, 7 years old, home address No.66 Pike Tree Bay, Luhua Village, Baituo Town, Qingshui County, Gansu Province. First-grade student at Baituo Town Yuping Center Primary School, missing after school at 11:30 on 8 May, 2014, wearing a checkered shirt, black velvet trousers, black velvet shoes. Kind-hearted people, please help find him. Contact no. (family) 13579299613 (teacher) 13993831358.




PictureXin yanlin, female, born 11 March, 2009, missing from Xian City Gaojiabao since 25 July, 13 with no clues found. Small eyes with short hair, wearing a red-and-white checkered dress with black tights. Loves laughing, eyes form two seams, single eyelids. RMB $50000 as gift of gratitude for those who can provide true information and RMB $100000 for bringing her home. Tel. 1344804066. The child knows her name, she will nod her head when you call her name, and she knows her father is Xin Yunliang and Mother is Cui Huifang.




Picture01Tonight, Wenzhou Bridge Police Station received report of a case of a 7-year-old daughter missing since 7am on the way from Jiaotou Building to Galaxy Kindergarten. Her name is Zhang Sisi, wearing a denim coat and jeans. Her family is extremely anxious, and hopes anyone who knows anything about the case immediately contact Wenzhou Bridge Police Station:.






Picture03Bai Yong, 5 years old, lives in No.2, Daijia Tan, Yumen Town, Yumen City, Gansu Province. Missing when playing alone at entrance of home since 22 March, 2014, wearing a red-and-white checkered coat, dark brown jeans, black sports shoes. Can speak Mandarin, but mainly with a Gansu Dingxi accent. Hope anyone who knows anything about the case please contact his father Bai Xinjun, (Weibo: Wuyan) Tel. 13830770731~13014101920.





Picture04Urgent! Looking for Zhu Haorong, born in 2008, missing since 26 Feb, 2014 across a large supermarket in Daliang Town, Shende District, Foshan, Guangdong. Height around 1.1 m, with large eyes, single eyelids, a pointy chin and a scar at the edge of his left eye. Autistic, weak in communicating with other. Wearing a light blue and black vest over uniform of South China Daycare Centre (yellow and black stripped), and wearing slippers when missing.





saved01Suan Junyun, male, 10 years old, left Room 912, No.8 Dongpu Road, Bucong Village, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen on 2 Mar., 14 and missing since. Anyone who knows anything about the case please contact Shajing Police Station 0755-27729110.





Picture05Looking for abducted child Wu Mingsong! Male, 7 years old, abducted at the starting end of the Old Bridge under Hailian, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong on 10 Mar, 12! He is from Xianju, Tiazhou, in Zhejiang and can write his own name. Interview with his parents can be found at: Kind-hearted folks please help forward and pay attention to any clues! Tel. 13211253080.





Picture06Yuan Yongquan, male, 5 years old, missing after wandering away at Guandu Town market, Botou District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong on 29 Jan., 14 at 4-5pm. Height 1 m, Weight about 30 kg, with short hair, slightly thin, single whorl on head, single eyelids, large area burnt on right thigh, accent of local dialect. Wearing red velvet coat, light blue velvet trousers, navy green shoes when missing. Can name father, mother and teacher and tell where he lives. Contact person: Yuan Riqiang 15113601583.







Picture07Han Picture08Xiangyang, from Jinger Village, Yuanlong Town, Maiji District, Tianshui City, Gansu. Male, 7 years old, about 1m tall, missing since 23 Jan., 14, wearing gray cotton-padded jacket, yellow pants, black warming shoes, if there are any informants, please call us, we will surely thank you! For the happiness of a family, please be active and help forward! 18520811896 13434790279 13993859205




Picture09Lixin, 6 years old, abducted at Jingshanchen Village, Changcheng Industrial District, Yonghang on 21 Jan., 14 5 pm. Parents are extremely anxious, posting missing person notices everywhere. Seeing his father’s tears, hope Xiaoqiang can help, and let more people read this message, thank you! If anyone saw this child, please contact 13588612279.