Leqing Jiang


Name: Leqing Jiang

Date of Birth: 5-year-old

Tel: 13865025339

On November 20, 2005, she disappeared from Xiangjiao Village, Guangdong Province.  She was 95 cm tall, had short hair, double-fold eyelids and a mole on her lower mouth lip.  She was wear a yellow, long-sleeved jersey, a necklace with multicolored crystal beads and cowboy shoes.  She speaks with a Guizhou accent.  Parents do not think she was abducted. If anyone has any information, please contact her parents as soon as possible. Her family is offering a reward of 50,000 yuan for the safe return of Leqing.

Location where lost: Xiangjiao Village, Shaxi Town, Zhongshan City

State: Guangdong Province