Hu Zukun Said WRIC’s Subsidy is Very Helpful

WRIC Li Yuanlong                                11-2010


When Hu Xianrong’s grandfather Hu Zukun came to Haizi Street to get the assistance subsidy on October 20th, he said that the one-month subsidy of 100 Yuan was really helpful to his granddaughter, which not only strengthened his granddaughter’s nutrition, but also made him feel better. Therefore, he would like to write a thank-you letter to thank the good-hearted people who have donated money on the other side of the ocean.


Hu Zukun’s family. (Photo by WRIC)


He said: China Rural Baby Girl Assistance Program is different from the “government” program and different from official program. They give us the subsidy, but they don’t need us to stamp, give gifts, and they don’t need us to have a special relation with those program staff members.


In addition, in Hoguantun Town, Zhao Min and Zhao Rong’s aunt gave me several catties of walnuts from their trees to express their gratitude. Chen Xue’s aunt, Chen Tingyun (the child holder in the picture below), also gave me a bowl of celestial bulbs to express her gratitude. We repeatedly refused to accept it, but they said it was homegrown and free. As they were not well educated and good at expressing themselves in words, and they could not give it to the donor in person, they asked us to accept it and say hello and thanks to American charities.




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