A Frightening Forced Abortion and Homicide


WRIC: Li Yuanlong                              3/ 20/ 2012



WRIC’s volunteers Li Yuanlong heard of a very horrible and frightening forced abortion last year (Oct 2011) in the process of collecting and registering female babies assisted in Shuangshan town Dafang county, Guizhou province.


It was said that Mr. Yu and his wife had had three daughters, the older one just entered school and the youngest one was only two years old. But they are determined to have a son. After careful planning and hiding, his wife finally became pregnant last year. However, when his wife was pregnant for more than eight months, it was probably by the village branch secretary with family planning tasks or someone who was eager to report rewards, the family planning department was informed about Mr. Yu’s wife’s pregnancy. Then, Mr. Yu’s wife was caught by the wolf-like family planning officials. Mr. Yu and his wife were crying and kneeling, begging them to let go of the fetus that had moved in her stomach and would be born soon. They promised to pay the fine no matter how much it was. However, Mr. Yu’s wife was forced into the operating room.


Accompanying Mr. Yu’s wife’s crying and shouting of despair, a eighth-month fetal was aborted. The fetus was not only a boy, but crying, he was still alive! However,  the doctor threw the crying baby into a dirty bucket regardless. Mr. Yu and his wife were crying, tried to rescue their son from the dirty bucket, in spite of any punishment. Nevertheless, the family planning staff beside refused, the doctors did not help them to save the baby, and said: this baby has been damaged by drug to be aborted, and now it is in the dirt bucket, even if he lives, he is likely to have dementia in the future.


In this way, after struggling in dirty water a few times, the baby who did not see his parents, did not see a ray of sunshine, was killed by the evils, left the world tragically. Mr. Yu’s wife was greatly frenzied by the death of his long-awaited son. Later, she was in a trance all day, crying and crying. Not long before, Mr. Yu’s wife ran away. So far, almost one year has passed, no one knows where she has gone, maybe she has found her poor son in heaven. Someone said: This is a homicide, a crime, Mr. Yu and his family should sue the family planning staff!


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