Yunjie Deng

Name: Yunjie Deng

Date of Birth: 7/20/1995


Tel: 13865025339

Date last seen: 05/17/2003

Place last seen: Near Daomaiyuanzhongchang rice and wheat field, Luojiang, Deyang, Sichuan

Description: small lump on left ear, visible burn scar below left buttock, around 1.2 meters tall, Sichuan accent. Family worried to death, asking public officials and well-intentioned individuals to read this announcement; anyone with information about whereabouts of child, please call 13198886858 or 0838-8932748, or write to Sichuan province, Deyang prefecture, Luojiang county, Daomaiyuanzhongchang Dengxue Hui, zip code 618500.

Province: Sichuan