Xiao Huamei’s Uncle Interviewed: “The Chained Woman” is not Xiao Huamei

WRIC                    9-17-2022



At the end of January 2022, the “Chained Woman” case broke out in Xuzhou, China. The tragic experience of the “Chained Woman”, such as being abducted and sold, chained all the time, beaten, pulled all the teeth, raped and group-raped, and living a life inferior to livestock has aroused the deep sympathy and concern of hundreds of millions of people.


Under the pressure of the public media, the governments of Jiangsu Province and Xuzhou City successively published five investigation reports, and lightly punished the responsible persons and several low-level officials while avoiding the important and high-level officials, and falsely claimed that the “Chained Woman” was Xiao Huamei from Yunnan Province.


But Chinese netizens disagreed with the government’s conclusion, pointing out that the five reports were contradictory and full of loopholes.


Then Zhao, Lanjian, a reporter, broke through many barriers and found Xiao Huamei’s uncle in Nujiang Village at the southwestern border of China.Having interviewed Xiao Huamei’s uncle, he published the interview video and a written report Xiao Huamei’s Uncle: The Chained Woman Is Not Xiao  Huamei, directly refuting the lies of the CCP government with factual evidence. The report immediately became viral, and received tens of millions of views.




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