The Chinses Gov. Report of Tangshan Assault on 4 Women is Full of Holes

Author: WRIC Jing Zhang                           08-31-2022



On August 29, the Hebei Provincial Procuratorate released a report on the investigation and prosecution of the Tangshan Barbecue Restaurant related to local gangsters. China Central Television broadcasted a video of a reporter interviewing one of the victimized girls with her back turned. Hundreds of millions of Chinese have been waiting for nearly three months for the investigation report on the case of sexual harassment and assault. Unsurprisingly, it’s another big lie like the five investigation reports on the “Chained woman” case in Xuzhou in 2022, it is full of holes.


The report on the investigation of the Tangshan case and the video shown by CCTV did not focus on the definition of gang violence that took place after sexual assault, nor did they explain to the public about any detail of the physical recovery of the four victimized women, the degree of impact on their lives and work, and other serious effects. The official statement did not mention the scope of the criminal law provisions and the scope of civil compensation liability involved in the personal injury suffered by the four people. The investigation is more like a public stunt after the suppression of information done by the local officials, that is, the destruction of a huge den and gang supported by local political forces that do not obey the command of the central government. 28 people were prosecuted. As we know over the years, there has never been a major or important case of “cracking down on gangsters” in China that did not involve local political forces.


On June 10, 2022, the scene where 4 women were besieged. (Online picture)


However, the case of beating the four women and the publicity of the official media did not mention sexual assault a single time, from the beginning to the end. The fact of sexual violence was completely covered up. The four injured women then disappeared without a trace. The public doesn’t know whether any of them were beaten to death. It was unknown whether they accrued real injuries or receive any form of compensation at all.


In the video released by CCTV, the female victim XX Wang, showing the back of her head, was asked by the reporter, “Online posts said that the victims were sexually assaulted in a small alley, thrown from upstairs, and run over by a car. Do you happen to know anything?” The female victim said, “No (Would she dare to say yes?)”. So, the CCP media, official media, and even social media condemned the rumors all over the country, “Sexual assault, being run over by a car, and being thrown downstairs are all rumors”. However, anyone who has watched the 11-minute interview video and possesses even slightest critical thinking would notice that when the victim girl surnamed Wang was beaten brutally, how would she pay attention to others? The victim surnamed Wang was beaten in the downstairs while another victim was gang raped and dragged up to the second floor. Even if other women were raped by gang, thrown downstairs or run over by a car, she would not be able to see them at all. How can she see what was happening on the second floor? The issue was the fact she represented not just herself but on behalf of other victims despite being separated from them at least once.


A girl was taken to hospital with the zipper of her jeans unzipped. (Online picture)


I believe people still remember this photo or video from the day of the gang assault in June: when a girl was beaten all over her body and was unconscious when she was taken to the hospital, the front zipper of the jeans she was wearing was open! Why? Who did it? Does this rule out the possibility that the girl was not sexually assaulted? Wang XX, who was used by the government as a “witness”, can be said to have done a good job under the “excessive power”. The only few words in the video are only about herself, and she does not represent any other victims. It’s just that the popular party media and official media “advised” her to make decisions and help her represent other victims. This is why the “rumors” were all over the place. The video released by CCTV and the investigative report of Hebei Province are full of holes and shameless! Just like the five investigation reports on the case of “Woman in Chains” in March this year, one lie is used to cover up another lie!


In addition, people still have a question in their minds: Is the crackdown on gangsters related to the “sudden death” of Liu Wenxi, the Hebei provincial’s director of the Public Security Bureau, secretary of CCP, and newly appointed vice-governor of Hebei? If it were not for this chief of public security who “died suddenly” one month after the assault, would the gang members have ended up in the arrest? Police and robbers colluded to make easy money, just like the classic trope of black and white teaming up to cover up the story. China’s current system is like a big hotbed of corruption, where the rot corrodes the body to keep existing.


The pervasive sexual assault and harassment problem in China is very serious such that the reasonings made by rapists and those who would rape in future, “People harass you only because you are beautiful”, and “Who told you to dress so sexy?” are very common. Powerful male defendants do what they please with impunity, and women who have the audacity to go to court are often ruined and rarely win cases. The higher the defendant’s social status, power, and wealth, the harder it is to obtain justice! For example, the second trial of Xianzi’s sexual harassment case against CCTV celebrity Zhu Jun was dismissed again because of “insufficient evidence”. The court said there was no on-site audio or video recording. The 4 girls were gang-beaten because of sexual harassment in Tangshan, but the government’s investigation report listed quarrel as the cause of the gang crime and did not mention sexual harassment or assault at all. The rural girls, like the “Chain woman” who have been trafficked, being raped, gang-raped, and abused have disappeared without a trace. She openly disappeared from the sight of one billion people and all those who visited her became quiet and disappeared.