Tao Yao



Name: Tao Yao


Date of Birth: 7/27/1985


Tel: 13865025339


Description:bumpy birthmark on both ears. Once visited Fujian with mother. Message: Taotao, do you still remember? You have six brothers and sisters, you were the fifth youngest, all of us were separated. Mom and dad also left, which is to say that our household of eight became eight because eight separate houses. Now we’ve grown up, and the five of us have found each other –only you are missing. We miss you very much. We hope that if you see this message, and it stirs any early memories you have, do not hesitate to call us. I am your brother.


Place last seen: Group no. 7, Diaolipin, Shuiling, Donggan, Hunan


Province: Hunan