Surveillance camera was installed on Women’s Rights in China’s volunteer Changlan Su’s door

August 18, 2013

Women’s Rights in China Reports:

Guangdong Nanhai government is finding numerous way to stop our volunteer. After three shifts 24/7 monitoring of activist Changlan Su, the government even installed high definition surveillance camera on Su’s door today. These governors behaved in a vicious and unrestrained way to intimidate activists Changlan Su and monitor all human rights lawyer. In this regard, as the South China land rights of villagers agent justice, I declare, whatever the authorities put up is useless. All the villager, lawyer and journalist activists will adhere to the problem until the day when they get the land back.

Changlan Su is a famous activist from Guangdong. In the recent years, she devoted herself in finding lost children and protecting bearing rights domestically. Ms. Su is also an experienced advocate for land rights. She led the Nanhai Sanshan villagers fight back their land indomitably and became the biggest headache of the local government. This monitor upgrade was an indication that the officials began to behave in a vicious and unrestrained way. Be alert: Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Harboring crime is the greatest ravages of justice.
Changlan Su is a low-key real activist and contributed a lot in the protection of women’s rights and Children’s Rights. She is one of the most outstanding China women’s rights volunteer. She suffered prosecution and monitoring for her belief and her family also suffered baffling disasters. Volunteers like Su, sticking in the first-line, little-known, and having no external funding, are our main force to promote social change in China. She (they) is the true hero, true greatness!

Prosecuting the activist has become a legitimized means in China. No one knows who will be the next and what kind of tragedy will happen. This protection of the natural right has become violent because of the government’s greed. The profit-driven government is operating at the cost of depriving basic human rights, but the history would eventually liquidate these brutal fragment left in the lens.