Songbing Jie

Name: Songbing Jie


Date of Birth: 01/06/1999


Tel: 13797424696


She was 142 cm tall, and had single-fold eyelids, one mole in the middle of her chin, and gap teeth. She was wearing a white suit with a hat, white shorts and red scandals. At 8 o’clock on June 16, she went to her friend’s house and never returned for lunch. Her dad went to find her together with her friends. At 5 o’clock, after her mother got off work, the child still hadn’t been found. They became very worried and started to split up and look for her. On June 17th, no one had seen her. Only two people saw her on the 16TH: one person was her friend’s grandmother, and the other was the person who rented a room in her house. This child was an outstanding student who always got good grades and was obedient at home. It has been 8 days and we haven’t gotten any information about this child. Even though we have reported our issue to the police, the police haven’t done anything. They said that there were many missing children, and that Song’s situation couldn’t be fixed.  Without help from the police, we don’t have any clue as to what happened to this child. If you have any information about Songbing, please call us.

Tel: Huyan Ru Hu Xia 0716-2873283 13797424696


Location where lost: Hubei Province, Honghu City, Cao Town


State: Hubei Province