Recommendation for the further treatment of Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo

Liao Yiwu                                                                    July 9 ,.2017


Recommendation for the further treatment of Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, The link is the experts statement:[id]=5530&tx_ifabprins_pressmanagement[action]=show&tx_ifabprins_pressmanagement[controller]=PressManagement&cHash=a63aae33a7ae709704a672919a920e0f



Following a consultation with Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who is stricken by late-stage liver-cancer, liver cancer experts from Germany and the US verified that Liu’s cancer has already entered the terminal stage. During the consultation, Liu Xiaobo was conscious and clear-headed; communication was unhindered and he was able to use English to converse with the two foreign experts. He again expressed his desire to leave China for treatment, with Germany as his first choice and the US as another possible destination. Family members expressed agreement with this and sincerely hoped the authorities would grant approval.

This afternoon during the consultation, aside from the two US and German liver-cancer experts, participants also included Chinese doctors and experts, translators, Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, and her younger brother, Liu Hui.

He’ll soon be dead, but his final wish is still to come to Germany! I know his wish is to use the last moments of his life to see his wife and her younger brother safely delivered to free Germany.

Nearby my home is Germany’s best cemetery with a lake populated by waterfowl in the middle of it. He can be buried here and Liu Xia and me and my family can visit him often, and later, can even be buried here ourselves.

Please pass on our thanks for her efforts to Chancellor Merkel from my little girl, her mother and me. Yet I’d still like to know whether Liu Xiaobo’s final wish will be realized? Moreover, the US government has already declared the hope that the Chinese government will satisfy this desire of Liu Xiaobo and his family as quickly as possible for humanitarian reasons. The US government is willing to do all within its power, including dispatching a special plane to rescue Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia and Liu Hui.

Germany? Now at this final juncture, we would like to know the results of the mediation between Madam Merkel and Xi Jinping.

Our whole family would like to see you all!!!


Liao Yiwu


Photos: July 5, 2017 Liu Xiaobo has finally been seen by German and US medical experts.





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