Ma Sheng Fen’s Tragic Fight for Her Rights

Source: WRIC Volunteer: Su, Changlan                                                    July 28, 2014

Translated by: Anna Li and Wendy Mei


Core Tip: On April 4, 2014,  Ma Sheng Fen sent me a message saying: She arrive in Beijing in late February to respond to her home in Guizhou that in February 2009,  the State Council build some Central Station in her hometown. She lives in flooded Range, when the local government sent a letter to the Knitting Factory in Guangdong, they  immediately asked Ma Sheng Fen to relocate her home, yet the tragic  Knitters’ boss refused to pay Ma Sheng Fen wages and wounded Ma Sheng Fen expelled from factories. Ma Sheng Fen suffered physical and mental pain and torture, in the absence of fare home relocation, her home was flooded. So she hit the Knitting Factory in Guangdong to the various departments to reflect on the situation, but was detained 11 times, 11 times as of detention before February 2014 (1 year labor camp was six months, the rest of detention suffered inhuman torture 10 days, 30 days, 37 days, ranging) periods. (Related Links:  )


However, when Ma Sheng Fen asks  Beijing related government departments to solve problems, she unfortunately becomes sick. On February 28, 2014, Ma Sheng Fen goes to the  Beijing hospital to see the doctor, when she, just walked into the hospital door, some plainclothes police took her arrest, which one of the codes  was 043232,041717, police did not show their  working  permit, summoned certificate, warrant, under the circumstances warrant  illegally detained her several times in the Fengtai District Detention Center interrogation, detention center. Police Li took both of  Ma Sheng Fen’s  phones, the necklace that Ma Sheng Fen mother left her, , a residence permit, after Ma Sheng Fen request for it  yet has not return. Even more appalling is that the police alone can keep her away , causing Ma Sheng Fen to no evidence to trace, in fact, because the police persecution, Ma Sheng Fen has been missing for a month in Beijing, which was also how she is innocently was detained for a month.


Ma Sheng Fen detention letter.
Ma Sheng Fen’s seal on the door.


Up to  March 27, intimidating Ma Sheng Fen’s letter was transferred to Guizhou police escorted back home on March 31.  Escorting from Beijing to Guizhou took  two weeks,  Ma Sheng Fen was arranged to live in a hotel,  and eating in the government cafeteria. Every day  a man guarded her.  After Ma Sheng Fen was missing a whole month in Beijing, police guards escorted her back home for two weeks, Ma Sheng Fen escape from police guards and went back to Guangzhou.

On May 11, 2014, her personal belonging in her  rented house in Guangzhou were all stolen by the Dengfeng police officers,  and seal  her rented house. Ma Shengfen and good friend Zhang Sheng Yu (Zhanng Wing Ping), Liang Yan Kui, Liao Jian Hao rushed to the neighborhood office to  reflect on  the situation yet failed. This lead them to be kidnapped to the  Dengfeng police station. In the meantime, Liao Jian Hao was beat up by the so called  landlord, four hours later, Liang Yan kui, Liao Jian Hao were release back  home, but after 20 hours, the  police put penniless Zhang Sheng Yu, Ma Sheng Fen on detention in the Hunan Chenzhou Railway Station Square and sped away.


On the morning of May 21, Ma Sheng Fen and Zhang Sheng Yu went to teacher  Fan Ying Peng’s home to visit and to consult  Ma Sheng Fen Fan’s condition, yet again six police officers forcibly took them away and placed them in the Hunan Province Public Security Bureau. Again, Guangzhou police  sped away.  On May 22, Ma Sheng Fen and Zhang Sheng Yu went back to Guangzhou, on the 31st,  Zhang Sheng Yu accompanied Ma Sheng Fen  to the Armed Police Hospital out-patient clinic, up to  11:00,  Ma Sheng Fen  and Zhang San Yu arrive at Lai Yong Xian’s  home to ask for  Ma Sheng Fen’s  illness treatment, only to then be Yuexiu Honbridge police station with more than 10 police officers kidnapped Honbridge police station, which did not produce any documents in the case, the police forcing them to do inquiry transcripts, which they were refused to sign.


At this time, Ma Sheng Fen had head, stomach, and back pain, Ma Sheng Fen proposed to go see a doctor, sadly, the police did not adopt the proposed medical treatment for her request, the results of Ma Sheng Fen pain was the  loss of consciousness later. The afternoon afterwards,, when Ma Sheng Fen  woke up, she, find herself in the armed Police Hospital, the police guarding her. (Guangdong area was detained Detention sick detainees will be sent to the Guangzhou People’s Armed Police Hospital for treatment) Ma Sheng Fen was in the armed Police Hospital for 10 days and lost their freedom  with handcuffs and leg irons.


On June 11 morning, Ma Sheng Fen was released on the list warrant. The custody of goods all had Zhang Sheng Yu’s signature,  Zhang Sheng Yu was also arrested on the  31st for 10 days, but yesterday (June 30) Ma Sheng Fan went to Yuexiu District Detention to find  Zhang Sheng Yu, the result is that Zhang San Yu was release on June 11 , Ma Sheng Fen asked to see the release of Zhang Sheng Yu surveillance video on June 11, yet  it is rejected. Ma Sheng Fan said: “Zhang Sheng Yu is my good friend, Zhang Sheng Yu had been detained in Yuexiu District Detention Center because of me,  now that Zhang Sheng Yu lost contact for a month, no matter what  I will continue to look for him, no matter what.”   Ma Sheng Fen recall scenes of the detention and still was haunt her  heart deeply, , bewildered, could not help sobbing. Writing till here, could not help to feel that: Guangdong’s economic walking in the forefront of the country, but the types of crime still walk on the forefront of the country, a series of cases for individual departments Ma Sheng Fen administrative omission, constantly concocting miscarriages of justice, always feel that people returned to the wild times! Is it a consequence of the wealth gap, the developed areas, or the consequences of discrimination against foreign population? Some rulers sucking taxpayers’ hard-earned money, they use their public authority and regardless of not doing things for the people’s justice demands of life and death, just as some people’s self-interest services, completely out of fairness and justice the purpose of the law enforcement people. When the fair and equitable become elusive, the problem is not resolved through normal channels, officials helps each other, civilians do not have equal opportunity, human dignity deprived and exhausted, the community is full of violent atmosphere! Only completely change the reality of social injustice to the gas digestion violent society, I hope to get a fair and impartial injustices solution of Ma Sheng Yu’s case.