Lin Yao

Name: Lin Yao

Date of Birth: –/–/1986

Tel: 13865025339

Yao Lin is my son. On May 30th, 1989, an unusual day, he was lost in Jimao City, Xiangfen County, Shanxi Province. He was 3 years old when he was lost and now he should be about 17 years old. We have looked for him for years, but have found no information regarding his whereabouts. Every day for the last 17 years, we have missed him in the daytime, and dreamed of him at night. We cried for him many times and begged for his return, and we hope to reconnect as a family again. If there is anyone reading this post that has information about him, please contact us as soon as possible. We will reward well-intentioned friends.
Location where lost: Xiangfen, Shangxi Province

State: Jiangxi Province