Zhang Jing has Spoken at the Award Ceremony for Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi


WRIC Jing Zhang          06-07-2023



Notes: On June 7, 2023 from 6pm to 8pm, the Wei Jingsheng Foundation and other democracy and human rights organizations are going to honor Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi with a lifetime award ceremony (along with a reception) for her effort and contribution in democracy and human rights for the world, especially in Mainland China, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  The event will take place in the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Caucus room of the Cannon House Office Building in the US Congress.

Wei Jingsheng had gave an award to Speaker emerita Nancy Pelosi. (WRIC photo)


 Jing Zhang spoke at the Nancy Pelosi Award Ceremony on behalf of WRIC. (WRIC photo)



Speaker Emerita Pelosi:


         As founder of Women’s Rights in China, I am very proud to extend to you my deep and sincere appreciation for your steadfast leadership on matters that concern tens of millions of women and children in China, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong.


         Through the years, WRIC has known that because of your presence, Members of the United States Congress would not ignore the outcry for help from women in China who were being abused, imprisoned, kidnapped, forcibly aborted, and having their children taken from them.


         Your trip to Taiwan was a great act of courage and support for democracy, but it was no surprise to us because we all know you are not intimidated by threats about where you should or should not be. We will never forget the scene when you and your two colleagues bravely raised a banner in Tiananmen square to protest the massacre of people by the Beijing regime. You were deported by the CCP authorities, but it made the international community pay more attention to the gunshots in Beijing. Your visit to Kiev to meet with Zelensky makes us even more proud. The courage and wisdom of the female speaker of the United States are obvious to all the world.


         You have paid attention to the freedom, democracy and human rights of the Chinese people for decades, leaving a glorious page in your life.


        Thanks to your grace, you and the Congress that you lead have led America over obstacles, and our country has not lost its way, and has sailed through the storms.


         Madame Speaker, you have inspired many women and our daughters to get involved, to succeed in the local and national government. You have welcomed and encouraged women to have our rightful place at the table, and we are so grateful.


We love you.

 Thank you!





Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi thanks the Wei Jingsheng Foundation. On the right is the interpreter. ( All the photos by WRIC)