HK Celebrity Murder Case: Skull and Sternum Found in a Soup Pot

WRIC report                          2023-2-27


The Hong Kong police confirmed on February 26 that the head of the dismembered Hong Kong socialite Abby Choi was found in a soup pot in a village house in Lung Mei Village, Tai Po in the afternoon. In addition, her breastbone, legs, and other residual limbs were found in the soup pot along with minced meat and red-white radishes.


AbbyChoi. (Online photos)


On February 20, 2023, a murder and mutilation case occurred in Lung Mei Village, Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong. The deceased was 28-year-old supermodel Abby Choi. On the afternoon of February 21, 2023, Abby set off from her Kadoorie Hill apartment in a vehicle driven by her ex-husband’s brother Kwong Gang-Jie, who served as her personal driver and went to Hong Kong Science Park to pick up her ex-husband Alex Kwong’s daughter from school. On the way to the car, Abby bled into a coma after having a physical confrontation with the driver. Then Kwong Gang-Jie transported Abby to Lung Mei Village, Tai Po, where they killed her and mutilated her together with Kwong Qiu, the former father-in-law who arrived later. Some of the remains of the body were discarded at the place where the crime occurred. Abby’s family reported on the evening of February 21 that Abby was missing, the detectives scoped out the location of the incident at a village house in Lung Mei Village, Tai Po, which was rented by Kwong Qiu in the month of the incident.


On February 24, the police broke into the house with a search warrant in Lung Mei Village, 11 kilometers away from Hong Kong Science Park, and found the rest of Abby’s body in the refrigerator, that is, the legs and other residual parts. The police immediately arrested the three members of the Kwong family, and Abby’s ex-husband Alex Kwong was arrested in Tung Chung on the afternoon of February 25, 2023, after being at large for a day.


On the 26th, the police found Abby’s head in a large soup pot about half a meter high in a building in Lung Mei Village where the incident occurred. The skull had a hole caused by the impact of a hard object.


Abby’s ex-husband Alex Kwong.                                                  Abby Choi .


Abby Choi divorced her ex-husband and married Chris, the “Prince” of Tanzai Rice Noodles. Abby’s father-in-law is Tan Zejun, one of the founders of Tanzai Rice Noodles. In 2017, “Tanzai Yunnan Rice Noodles” and “Tanzai Sange Rice Noodles” were successively acquired by the Japanese company Toledo at a cost of HK$2.11 billion, and they were integrated into Tamzai International and listed in Hong Kong in October 2021. After Abby remarried to Chris, she also had 2 children. She continued to support her ex-husband’s family with money, and even bought a mansion in Kadoorie Hill for her ex-husband’s family to live in, and it was registered in the name of her ex-husband’s father.


According to reports, the motive of the murder case was suspected to be that Abby Choi wanted to sell the mansion, get back part of the money, and then find another residence for the ex-husband’s family, which made the ex-father-in-law dissatisfied. In addition, it was reported that Abby and the current husband has not been registered yet, so the ex-husband and his children have the opportunity to inherit Abby Choi’s inheritance.


Abby Choi and Alex Kwong, who are from a wealthy family, have 2 children. After their divorce, she remarried to the son of the founder of “Tanzai Rice Noodles” in Hong Kong, and they also have 2 children. But Abby Choi still supports her ex-husband Alex Kwong’s family.


Abby Choi  is estimated to have more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars. In addition to being the director of two companies, she also owns multiple real estate properties. The market price of a high-rise mansion in Manhattan Hill in Lai Chi Kok alone is more than 45 million Hong Kong dollars.