Guizhou Sansui Armed Officials Killed Student Activists



On October 11, 2014, Guizhou Province Miao and Sansui County; farmers, students, workers, merchants, taxi drivers and other demonstrations of tens of thousands of people gathered throughout the day, protested the containment of the county government.That night, thousands of protesters were armed. Riot police, closed all roads to keep people out. According to participants, countless people were arrested, two students were killed, several wounded, and many were hospitalized for serious injuries,. Due to the current media not reporting the latest news, the exact casualties are not yet known. Sansui county government issued a notice on the same evening, stating that the merger will suspend reports upon the city.

A netizen said on the 11th night armed police took a student to the stockade. That student died today in the stockade. In addition, the government sent a large number of special police and armed officers to  Sansui County High School. Locking senior high school students outside, resulted in the death of a 70-year-old grandparent. No news reports have yet been reported on the topic.

User mylovepx said: I’m really sad to see the conditions in the hospital; people are even being kept in the corridors. We are trying to change the city in a positive way. We have developed a lot of safe places to go. She also spent more than 60 million in order to purchase 80 acres of land of our land. We are protesting to not have the town built into our town and take our land. This is causing our shops to shut down and run out of business. The SWAT officers that enter our town are extremely violent.  They attack anybody, whether it be a man, child, senior citizens, and even pregnant women. It is a real shame.



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