Groups Rallied at the UN to Call for Revoke Peng Liyuan’s Status as “Special Envoy”

WRIC Report/Photos                                             03-08-2023



Front of the gate of the United Nations Headquarters in New York to demonstrate two demands, that is, to call for international attention to the incident of the “Chained woman” and the “Special Envoy” title of the Peng Liyuan. Groups participating in the demonstration include Women’s Rights in China, Christian Alliance for Righteousness, Church of Rock New York, Humanitarian China, China Reborn, China Democracy Party, the China Federal Party, and the Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Alliance. Representatives of each organization made statements. Zhang Jing, president of Women’s Rights in China has gave a speech and was entrusted to read Mr. Wang Dan’s speech.


Zhang Lin was giving a speech. (Photo by WRIC)

WRIC members was holed signs to Call for revoke Peng Liyuan’s status as “Special Envoy”.(Right: Jing Zhang) (Photo by WRIC)


The “Chained woman” in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, which was exposed two months ago along with the “Iron Cage Girl” in Yulin, Shaanxi, a few days ago, detonated the Internet world because of their extremely tragic experiences. Shocked and angry reactions blew up. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more than hundreds of thousands of women (girls) who are bought, sold, kidnapped, and raped in mainland China every year to which those are a common event. Because in addition to the general loss of conscience and corrupt hearts under the CCP’s rule, there are also institutional problems such as corruption in the public security bureau, law enforcement officers participating in crimes and becoming the umbrella for criminals, the pro CCP officials, from large to small, contribute to the “supply” of extramarital sex demand. The process is no different from an assembly line that handles humans. For example, Xuzhou was originally a beautiful virgin who was used by the secretary and county magistrate of Xuzhou Feng County to sexually bribe the mayor above. These women have been raped and gang-raped all their lives, turned into reproductive machines, tortured, sexually abused, chained, locked in iron cages, pits, and pigpens, and spent their lives as mental patients. The ones that are deemed to be useless are murdered.


Pastor Shao Jun was giving a speech. (Photo by WRIC)

(Photo by WRIC)


When the case of the “Chained woman” came to light, the local government tried its best to cover up and deny it. Later, the Internet around the world clicked on it more than 20 billion times. Amid the widespread clamor for accountability, the county, city, and even provincial governments had to conduct “comprehensive” and “in-depth” investigations and published five investigation reports. But they all point at a deer as if it was a horse, refurbish lies, and cover up mistakes. This once again fully demonstrates the usual methods of the CCP: Suppressing the media, deleting the posts, tracking down and suppressing those who revealed the truth, and centralizing these “Chained Women” and “Iron Caged Women” (or even make them disappear) to prevent them from being exposed again; They sacrificed pawns to save rooks, deal with a few small officials, etc.; instead of allowing the facts to be exposed, thoroughly investigating the truth, investigating the criminal and civil responsibilities of criminals, examining the root causes of the system, and improving the operation of public power.


Humanitarian China’s president Zhou Fensuo (Right).

Jing Zhang was giving a speech.

Li yuan (WRIC member. left 2) with the supporters of Ukraine.

China Democracy Party president Wang Juntao. (Right)

Jing Zhang was entrusted to read Mr. Wang Dan’s speech.


Although we were fortunate enough to leave mainland China to avoid such an inhuman fate, we still worry about our compatriots in China, including our loved ones in China, such as wives, mothers, daughters or sisters, lest they be knocked down when they are kidnapped, raped, and transported to some backcountry where they were forced to marry, raped and gang-raped, chained, and locked in a dungeon… Their dreams, happiness, and even dignity were brutally destroyed, and they would end up as a “Chained woman” or “Iron Cage Girl”.


Two letters were mailed to UNESCO, one was an open letter signed by 410 people, with a single petition, urging UNESCO to revoke Peng Liyuan’s Special Envoy status and to Promote Girls’ and Women’s Education; The statement of the demonstration in front of the gate, in addition to demanding that Peng Liyuan’s UN special envoy title be revoked, also called on the international community to pay attention to the incident of the chained woman in China, urge the Chinese government to truly and effectively combat human trafficking, thoroughly investigate the truth of the chained woman case, and deal with it seriously. All criminals involved in the case should be charged and they must compensate for the lifelong sufferings of the Chained Girl, Iron Cage Girl, and Cave Girl.

Two letters were sent to the UNESCO.