Gan Chaolin (Linlin)

Name: Gan Chaolin (Linlin)


Date of Birth: Born in 1987


Tel: 05512843432


He is 22 years old now and was from Chongqing City, Jiangjing County (Chongqing City, Jiangjing County, Longmen District, Ruoba Village, Tonghua Village). His parents were working at a construction site near Zhongshan University in Guangzhou in 1992. On July 1993, his parents moved to Depot Site in Guangzhou Railway Station. At 3:00 p.m. on Sept. 4, 1993, Chaolin was abducted by two people, one of whom is Hunanese. According to witnesses, Chaolin was probably taken to Fujian, Putian, or Xiamen, or Jimei.


Location where lost: Guangzhou Province, Yuexiu District


State: Guangdong Province