Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now
“HK Girls Sing with you”

WRIC 12-10-2019

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Restoration of Hong Kong revolution of the times, today’s Hong Kong girls “sing with you”, do not fall behind!

A policeman in riot gear points his weapon as protesters try to flee from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, Monday, Nov. 18, 2019. Hong Kong police have swooped in with tear gas and batons as protesters who have taken over the university campus make an apparent last-ditch effort to escape arrest. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)
A protester lowers himself down a rope from a bridge to a highway, to escape from Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus and from police, in Hung Hom district in Hong Kong on November 18, 2019. – Dozens of Hong Kong protesters escaped a two-day police siege at a campus late November 18 by shimmying down a rope from a bridge to awaiting motorbikes in a dramatic and perilous breakout that followed a renewed warning by Beijing of a possible intervention to end the crisis engulfing the city. (Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP) (Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images)
Protesters prepare food in a kitchen at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in Hong Kong on November 15, 2019. – Protests which began against a now-shelved extradition bill to China have spiraled into wider calls for democracy and police accountability as violence and demonstrations roil the city, challenging Beijing’s authority. (Photo by Philip FONG / AFP) (Photo by PHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty Images)