Forced Sterilization Proven to be Murderous

Translated by: Anna Li and Wendy Mei


Women’s Rights in China reports:

Tongshan County in Hubei village, farmer Shen Hong Xia. On March 2013 was forced to be hospital for birth ligation to avoid “illegal pregnancies.” On March 19,  doctors reported that if birth ligation was given to Shen Hong Xia, it can cause life-threatening effects. Doctors recommended to cancel the procedure, family planning staff refused to listen to the doctor and forced the procedure on Shen Hong Xia. Planning Bureau forced its ligation, resulting in death. Shen Hong Xia died at the age of 42 , the mother of the two children, left her children and husband forever. At that time, her younger child was only 2 years old.

After the incident, the Family Planning Bureau and village built an “agreement” to compensate their families. They used money to cover up the homicide incident. They tried to escape legal responsibility, which should be investigated for criminal liability and civil liability cases. Families under the inducements and coercion, helplessly signed the document with nowhere redress of grievances.

A source said, innocent people cry wilderness! When will Chinese women be able to escape from the forced “birth” clutches?

Women’s Rights in China strongly condemned Hubei Tongshan County Family Planning Bureau staffs for life-threatening crimes, condemning China’s birth control policy implementation inhumane and consultation with the relevant lawyers to discuss with families of the victims to assist investigated for criminal liability—- seeking justice for female victims.