Dai Te Zhu

Nickname is TeTe,Height is 1.1 meters,Big head with a round face,Short and flat hair,Big eyes,Has a very steep nose,has a round/chubby body,speaks Mandarin。knows his parents’ names,especially knows his big sister’s name is Dai MingZhu,Little cousin (male) named Li Shibuo,sometimes calls him little brother,March 23, 2004 8:00 pm For unknown reasons, he was found in front of Huaihua Railway tender Creek ridge not far from home。Wearing a red shirt, black slacks and white sneakers when missing。

The family is looking for the person urgently. They urge the public and kind friends to look for their little boy. The family is willing to spend lots of money for news regarding their child.

Location lost: Huaihua Rainway tender No. 98 North River Ridge

Province: Sichuan Province