Chinese human rights activist Chen Qitang was arrested

Source: WRIC                 Translator: Harrison Fu


On November 25th 2014, Civil Rights activist Chen Qitang (Tianli) had his house and belongings searched and confiscated, and later was arrested for his involvement in “Jeopardizing National Security”. His son Chen Jinyu, who was attending a school in the U.S., sought help and advice  from two organizations, Women’s Rights in China(WRIC) and Human Rights in China(HRIC), both based in NYC. They discussed his father’s arrest in the office of Women’s Rights in China, and appealed for concern about this matter.

According to some reports, Tianli was arrested for advocating for Hong Kong. Chen Jinyu conveyed that when the Hong Kong Central District Occupation took place on September 28th, he and his father were indeed in Hong Kong. That night, they were living in the Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Chen Jinyu was about to leave for the U.S., and his father was sending him off.

After arriving in the U.S., Chen Jinyu attended a Korean school in Missouri to study ESL. During the school break, most students return to Korea. With school closed for a month, he had to come to New York to seek help from the founder of Women’s Rights in China, Jing Zhang, temporarily staying in her home. In order to help Chen Jinyu and to advocate for Tianli,  Jing Zhang invited lawyers Ye Ning and Xiang Xiaoji, activists Bei Feng, Han Wu, Cai Guohua, Gu Chuan as well as journalist He Shan of Radio Free Asia  for a gathering on December 16th, and talked about the case in an interview with a journalist from Radio Free Asia