China’s One Child Policy: Two Cases

Author: WRIC Jing Zhang                               6-15-2012

(Forward from American the Spectator )


During these last few weeks, media reports about Chen Guangcheng’s arrival in New York and China’s brutal one-child policy continue to raise awareness in the United States about a real war on women. China’s one-child policy is supported by the UN and is sponsored by U.S. tax dollars through UNFPA. In an election year, we need to educate our elected officials and American citizens about why this real war against women must end. Consider these two cases.


Cao Ruyi Returns Home After Five-Day Detention, Still Ordered to Undergo Abortion


After several days of domestic and international media and public pressure, Cao Ruyi, a pregnant woman who had been detained for five days by Hongshan District, Changsha Family Planning Commission, was allowed to return home. However, China’s government continues to be a threat to forcibly terminate her pregnancy.


Around 9 o’clock on June 10, after performing an ultrasound exam on Cao Ruyi in the Hunan Province Women and Children’s Hospital, Family Planning officials planned to detain her at the Changsha County Women and Children’s Hospital. Despite heavy coercion, Cao resisted, and remained determined to let her child live. Family Planning officials brought her to one of three permanently rented rooms in the Beifu Hotel. They forced her to sign the Order to Terminate Pregnancy within Set Time, with the stipulation that she must have an abortion before October 16. Past that date, she would be subject to the fine of the “end of pregnancy collateral.” Cao signed the document solely because of her utter exhaustion. She returned home at noon accompanied by a cousin and a WRIC volunteer.


Cao Ruyi told the WRIC volunteer that the “collateral” was set by the Family Planning Commission at between 2,000 to 10,000 yuan. The fine imposed on her was 10,000 yuan, just for the pregnancy. If she did not pay the fine in time, the birth of the child would mean fines of over 100,000 yuan. Cao was determined to have the child. Cao was unemployed. Her husband had to support the whole family including Cao’s mother-in-law. The financial situation of the family was difficult. Paying the fines would be impossible.


Cao Yuyi was waiting a forced abortion at the hospital Jun 8, 2012. (photo by WRIC )


Sadder yet is that WRIC has received information that Cao Ruyi has been quietly threatened by a local Family Planning officer, Yan Zhang, who told Cao that she has “friends in the military.” Cao and her family are living in fear of what acts of revenge the government may take against them. They are also worried about the prenatal and perinatal care that may or may not be available.


WRIC has found a place where Cao and her husband can live in safety from government officials until her child is born. She remains in hiding with her husband. If her husband were not in hiding, government officials would likely capture him and torture him until he agreed to help get his wife aborted.


Feng Jianmei Forcibly Aborted at Seven Months

Feng Jinmei was 7 months pregnant with her second daughter. Because Feng Jinmei is poor and her family is unable to pay the fine of 40,000 yuan that was imposed on her, Family Planning officials forcibly aborted Jianmei. On June 2, while her husband, Deng Jiyuan, was at work, Feng Jinmei fought against Family Planning officials as they tried to force her into a car. She was beaten and dragged into the vehicle, and forcibly admitted into a hospital where labor was induced. The body of her aborted daughter was savagely left next to her on her bed.


Shan Xi Feng Jianmei and her baby . (photo by Feng’s family )


Government officials in China remain outraged that stories and photos of this case have been released to the public, but families in China are all too familiar with the cruelties that precede and follow many abortions in China.


Feng Jinmei remains under medical treatment in Ankang City, Zhenpin County, Zengjia Town, Yupin village. Her husband remains tormented because his family’s life has been shattered.


China’s Procurator officials went to the home of Deng Jiyuan to demand answers about how the photo was made available to the media, and to forbid them to speak to the media.


Crimes Against Humanity

Women in China have no reproductive rights. No permit, no pregnancy. There is no right for women to give birth. Those are the rules. Many Americans believe that those involved in should be prosecuted crimes against humanity.


Unlike Vice President Biden, we all need to second guess China’s one-child policy, especially since China has no plans to end this policy for at least another generation. Aside from the personal human suffering each aborted woman must endure, Americans need to know about the suffering that exists for the spouses and parents and most families in China who can no longer have brothers and sisters and will never be aunts and uncles.


As Americans, we need to appeal to our President and to all of the Members of Congress, especially during this election year, to condemn forced abortion, forced sterilization, and coerced family planning in China. We need to appeal to American taxpayers to stop funding UNFPA with millions and millions of U.S. dollars that sponsor these programs.