China rights activist Li Biyun urgently needs medical help

Jane Wang report                                                                     03-07-2022


WRIC JingZhang: Chinese women suffer from the double persecution of traditional patriarchal culture and CCP dictatorship. Li Biyun is a typical victim of oppression by the authoritarian system



Li Biyun was tortured while in custody, leading to disability. She has been under house arrest since her release from prison in February 2022. She was denied access to urgently needed medical treatment.



Who is Li Biyun?

She is a well-known human rights defender advocating land rights and political transparency since 2009.

In 2012, she was a would-be independent election candidate in Shunde district, Guangdong.

She has been disappeared, arrested, detained and imprisoned many times; her home was forcibly demolished.

She has suffered horrendous torture and mistreatment in prison.

Now, aged 54, she is a disabled, homeless woman under ‘indefinite detention’ in her sister’s home.

She is in chronical pain, regularly vomiting blood, prone to fainting.

She is unable to walk or use the bathroom without help.

She is under 24-hour guard by dozens of unidentified people, who would beat her and her sister when they attempt to leave home for the hospital.


Left: Li Biyun with a US diplomat Guangzhou in 2015.

Right: Officials from the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou went to the hospital to visit Li Biyun, who was persecuted and injured.


Some of Li Biyun’s experiences

July 2009: For leading villagers to defend their land rights, she was detained for the first time. She was tortured in custody; the violence left serious injuries.

September 2011: She ran for the local election and was detained for seven months on the charge of “disrupting the election.”

October 2013: Arrested on the charge of “obstruction of official duties” and was tortured in prison and injected with unknown drugs, causing her health to further deteriorate.

August 31, 2016: During a trip to seek medical treatment, she fled to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to avoid being followed and harassed by police. She was so ill that she had to agree being taken by ambulance away from the embassy. But instead of being sent to hospital for treatment, Li was taken by police.

February 2019: Sentenced to four years and three months in prison for “theft” and “obstruction of official duties,” and her disabled body was subjected to further abuses in prison.

February 24, 2022: She was released from prison, seriously ill and severely disabled. She is unable to take care of herself, frequently vomiting blood, and suffering from eye disease. She has been under 24-hour guard since leaving prison.



“I haven’t had a single day’s freedom since August 31, 2016”

In a short video recorded on February 22, 2023, a teary Li Biyun said:

“I want freedom to seek medical treatment!

I want to get better so I can look after myself.

I want freedom!

I haven’t had a single day’s freedom since I left the US embassy on August 31, 2016…”


Li Biyun in February 2023.


Li calls on Xi Jinping to order the withdrawal of ‘hired guards’ on the anniversary of release from prison


February 24, 2023, marks the first anniversary Li Biyun’s release from last incarceration. In a short video, she said that she has been under guard 24 hours daily by dozens of what she calls ‘hired guards’ who station in her neighborhood, depriving her of her personal freedom. Her sister and brother have tried several times to take her to seek medical treatment, but each time she was intercepted, kidnapped, dragged and beaten until she passed out and vomited blood.

“This is the attempted murder of Li Biyun! Please ask Chairman Xi Jinping to make good on his promise that ‘people’s happiness is the greatest human right!’”