Bohan Xue

Name: Bohan Xue

Date of Birth: 07/01/2004

Tel: 13865025339

During the 5.12 earthquake, my son was at Beichuan County’s Qushanzhen nursery school. A few days later, I heard that my son was in the NO.404 Hospital in Mianyang and I rushed over there, but I couldn’t find my son. My son was 107 cm tall, had an average build and had big eyes. There was a small scar on the corner of his left eye. Please try to understand our current situation. We lost our home and family members to the earthquake, and our only hope is that some well-intentioned people will send our son back. We will do our best to thank you.

Location where lost: Sichuan Province, Beichuan County, Qushanzhen kindergarten

State: Sichuan Province