14 female lawyer ask to publicize the “social fostering fee”


WRIC report:

On July 31st, 2013, Youshui Wu, along with other lawyers from Zhejiang sent letters to the 2013 July the Department of Birth Control and Department of Finance in  31 provinces, asking for publicizing the income and expenses of the “social fostering fee” and other relevant information. Until August 30th, they received data of 2012 annual collection of “social fostering fees” amount from 17 provinces. There was 16.5 billion in total. The other 14 provinces either didn’t reply or refused to publicize the balance. None of those provinces choose to make payments details public.

“Social fostering fees” is the new term for ‘fines”, beginning during the early 80’s. On September 1st, 2002, the State Council promulgated the “China social fostering fee collection and management methods”. The State Family Planning Commission explained that this charge is “economic compensation” to the society, not a fine, because the exceeding birth population occupies more public resources.

In July 5, 2012, 15 domestic laws, population scholars jointly submitted an amendment proposal to the National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee. They called on the comprehensive revision of “population and family planning law”, lifting restrictions on reproductive rights of citizens, the abolition fertility approval system and the retraction of “social fostering fee” system.

“The constitution” and “administrative licensing law”, should be clear that the bearing right is a basic human right. On this basis, they need to abolish of the birth approval system and the social fostering fee. This can not only indicate the protection for the basic human rights, but also avoid the unfair levy social fostering fee.
So far, not only the local government hasn’t disclosure enough information, but the audit department also did not make any special audit.