Zhao Kui


Name: Zhao Kui

Date of Birth: 2 years and 4 months old

Tel: 13865025339

He was wearing a hat with white and black polkadots, an orange and white leather jacket, black leather pants and a pair of black Ultraman sneakers when he was lost.  He has a Sichuan accent and often talks about “looking for his grandmother.”  His home is located in Chongqing.  His dad is named Zhao Jianhai and his mom is named Jiawu Lin Hong. His grandfather is named Wuchao Zhong and his grandmother’s name is Linji Hui. His aunt’s name is Wu Manli and his uncle is named Liu Bing. 

Location lostZhenba County Farmers Market (Chongqing noodle shop doorway) 

State: Shaanxi Province