Li Yang Yang

Name: Li Yang Yang

Date of Birth: Year 2000

Tel: 05512843432

On the evening of January 12, 2004, Li Zhao Qiang suddenly received a phone call from his sister: “Hurry! I’ve found Yang Yang!”

In 2004, the first (January 12 – January 18, 2007) “Xinmin Weekly” included an article titled “Civil Mechanism for the Delivery of Civil Kindness”. The article’s illustration was a close-up of Li Yang Yang! The background of the photo contained the Bund, and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is clearly visible. In the photo, Yang Yang was shown as a poor beggar, wearing dirty clothes, eyes dull and filled with horror. Her small hand was holding a paper cup for money.

Location where lost: Shanghai Baoshan District 5 team field Kitamura

State: Shanghai