Name: Liu Date of Birth: 02/25/1999 Tel: 13336432682 He had tan skin, a black mole in his right shoulder and ten buckets in his fingers. Location where lost: Hebei Province, Funing Town, Funing County, Liujiagou Village State: Hebei

Huang Yaping

Name: Huang Yaping Date of Birth: 06/11/1995 Tel: 13336432682 She was deaf, thin, and had a black mole in the corner of her mouth, and knew how to write. Location where lost: Chongqing Province, Yubei District, No.4 Bridge, Shuanglong Avenue State: Chongqing

Jin Jiayi

Name: Jin Jiayi Date of Birth: February 8, 2008 Tel: 13336432682 He had a scar in between his eyebrows like a red dot and single-fold eyelids. Location where lost: Liaoning Province, Linyuan City, Sandao River, Zi Town, Baizhangzi Village, Xigouli Group State: Liaoning Province

Yu edge

Name: Yu edge Date of Birth: 09/23/2001 Tel: 13336432682 He had double-fold eyelids, high nose, yellow skin and a birthmark on his knee. Location where lost: Anhui Province, Huainan City, Luohe Town State: Anhui Province