Wang Dongming

Name: Wang Dongming Date of Birth: 04/–/1995 Tel: 13336432682 He was 90 cm tall, and had pale skin. He knew his own name and had hernia surgery before. Location where lost: Hubei Province, Suizhou City, Changzheng Hotel State: Hubei Province

Wang Xiaodan

Name: Wang Xiaodan Date of Birth: 1993 three days of the first month Tel: 13336432682 There are marks on the ear Location where lost: No. 32 North Street, Lijia Village,Jianxi District, Luoyang City, Henan Province State: Henan Province

Chen Guowu

Name: Chen Guowu Date of Birth: 05/02/1994 Tel: 13336432682 The child was cultivated by his grandma. Because the child didn’t have any pictures, we decided to upload the grandma’s photo. Location where lost: Zhaotong City, Zhenxiong County, Wulong Town, Chengbeitun Village State: Yunnan Province