Ji Shuxiao

Name: Ji Shuxiao Date of Birth: 1981/09/07 Tel: 13336432682 She had a round face, and was a little chubby and short. Location where lost: Hebei Province, Jinzhou City,Taoyuan Village, Xianggu Zhuan State: Hebei

Lin Meng

Name: Lin Meng Date of Birth: 08/27/2004 Tel: 13336432682 She had pale skin and a small black birthmark on her butt. Location where lost: Market, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province State: Guangdong Province

Li Chunlan

Name: Li Chunlan Date of Birth: 1984 October 11 Tel: 15519592680 She was sent to Li’s family in Zunyi City, Chuan District, Donggongsi Town. She went missing when she was 6 years old. Now your birth parents and your brothers and sisters are looking for you to come back home. If you see the message…

Chen Chao right

Name: Chen Chao right Date of Birth: 2000.10.21 Tel: 13336432682 He had a round face, big eyes, big nose and a black birthmark on his left hand Location where lost: Zhejiang Province, Fuyang City, En quite Plaza State: Zhejiang, China

Xu Binbin

Name: Xu Binbin Date of Birth: 2000.6.20 Tel: 13336432682 He had tan skin, curly hair in front of his forehead and could remember his parents. Location where lost: Guangxi, Fangchenggang State: Guangxi

Liu Wanzhong

Name: Liu Wanzhong Date of Birth: Unknown Tel: 13336432682 He had a red birthmark on his left waist, four dots in his right ear, black rotten teeth and two dimples. Location where lost: Shandong Province, Taian City, Anping County, Bnaqudian Town, Zhengwo Village. State: Shandong Province

Zhao Haihai

Name: Zhao Haihai Date of Birth: 10/23/1996 Tel: 13336432682 There is a light coffee-colored eyebrow in his left eyebrow and a bun in his left ear. Location where lost: Mawei Island, Fuzhou City, Fujian, State: Fujian Province