Lan Lan

Name: Lan Lan Date of Birth: 11/13/2003 Tel: 13336432682 She had big head and scars on her thigh. Location where lost: Beijing City, Chongwenmen, Lijiao Bridge, East Road Garden, Shierhuan State: Beijing

Duan Yang

Name: Duan Yang Date of Birth: 05/03/1984 Tel: 13336432682 She was born in Dragon Boat Festival in 1984, so she was named DuanYang. She was one of the twin sisters. Location where lost: Shangdong Province, Changyi City, Taibao Zhuan State: Shandong Province

Liu Yuan

Name: Liu Yuan Date of Birth: 1993.12.23 Tel: 13336432682 She had small eyes, a round face, tan skin and scars on her left middle finger. She had sparse hair in the back of her head Location where lost: Hebei Province, Chicheng County, Houcheng Town, Yijiao Village State: Hebei