Wang Ke Qian

Name: Wang Ke Qian Date of Birth: 08/29/1993 Tel: 13336432682 He was slim and had scars on both of his knees. There is a small mole on his left eyebrow. Location where lost: Henan Hebi City Xunxian State: Henan Province

Wang Wei

Name: Wang Wei Date of Birth: Year 1998 Tel: 13336432682 He has scars on his left abdomen and his eyes are single fold. Location where lost: Guandu District of Kunming, Yunnan Province nursing Fukumura State: Yunnan Province

Chen Menglin

Name: Chen Menglin Date of Birth: 10/08/1998 Tel: 13336432682 At the time, he had body fat and a mole on his left shoulder. Location where lost: Shawan Town, Panyu District, Guangdong Province State: Guizhou Province