Child Bride Zhu Lihua

Source: WRIC                                     Translate by Sandra Lam   In February, 1988, the Wu family in Xicuo Village, Lingchuan Township, Chengxiang District of Putian City, Fujian Province bought from traffickers a girl under a month old for 200 yuan.…

Xiong Qiaohui

Female Name: Xiong Qiaohui Date of Birth: Year 1993 Tel: 05512843432 She was 1.62 meters tall. On April 17, 2008, in the Nanchang Hongdu Qingyun Pu community, she ran away. Please contact me at QQ871006941 and send me any information to bring her back! Location where lost: Nanchang

Chen Jianhui

Male Name: Chen Jianhui Date of Birth: 03/2003 Tel: 05512843432 He was about one meter tall with little hair and his upper middle, two incisors are yellow. Location where lost: Beiliu Xinxu Ping Village, home State: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


Male Name: Unknown (Younger Brother) Date of Birth: 06/25/1982 Tel: 05512843432 He was eight years old when abducted.  He was 120 cm tall, a little fat and had a round face and big eyes.  He has broken palms (only two lines on his palm). Location where lost: Jianyang State: Beijing

Yuan Delong

Male Name: Yuan Delong Date of Birth: 10/17/1999   Tel: 05512843432 He has a large head, a distinctive left ear, big double-lid eyes and a scar on his right ring finger. Location where lost: Wenshan Orchard Street State: Yunnan Province

Hu Bao Bao

Male Name: Hu Bao Bao Date of Birth: 10/30/1999 Tel: 05512843432 He was two years and four months old when he was abducted. He has a square face, flat head, dimples and pale skin. Location where lost: Xuchang, Henan urban area State: Henan Province