Li Jiahao

Name: Li Jiahao Date of Birth: Born in 2007 Tel: 05512843432 He was last seen wearing a yellow floral cloth, white floral pants and black-white sneakers. He has a spiral mark on the right side of his face. Location where lost: Guangdong Province, Shaoguan City, Qujiang District, Mabei Town, Chengdong, Dama Market. State: Guangdong Province

Peng Ming

Name: Peng Ming Date of Birth: 10/17/1986 Tel: 05512843432 “You’ve been missing for 16 years, and you are now 22 years old. You went missing when you were 6 years old, and I remember that day was your grandmother’s birthday. You had a scar on your nose and another scar on your upper lip.” Location…

Wang Fan

Name: Wang Fan Date of Birth: 12/09/1991 Tel: 05512843432 He was 156 cm tall and had a flat head and a round face. He was lost when he was 13 years old. Location where lost: Shaanxi Province, Hua County, High pond State: Shaanxi Province

Li Baiyu

Name: Li Baiyu Date of Birth: 08/09/1995 Tel: 05512843432 She had long hair and was slightly overweight. Location where lost: Sichuan Province, Zizhong County, Xinglong Town, Shuangqiao Village, No.6 Group State: Sichuan Province

He Zhongcheng

Name: He Zhongcheng Date of Birth: July 19, 2000 Tel: 05512843432 He had two hair whorls, large ears and could speak the Zhuan dialect, sing Liu Sanjie’s song and knew his father’s name. Location where lost: Guangxi Province, Zongzuo City, Longzhou County, Zonghe Market State: Guangxi Province

Rui Wang

Name: Rui Wang Date of Birth: 03/12/2004 Tel: 05512843432 He was 1.09 meters tall and had a high nose, long and upturned eyelashes and an oval face. He was last seen wearing a white coat, black pants and white leather shoes. He was lost at 12:00 of May 3, 2009. Location where lost: Yunnan Province,…

Liu Yang

Name: Liu Yang Date of Birth: 06/20/1997 Tel: 05512843432 She was wearing an old light-yellow coat with a hood, a red jacket, purple velvet pants and white athletic shoes, and was carrying a blue bag when she went missing. She had red birthmark. Location where lost: Jiangsu Province, Suqian City, Suyu District, Shunhe County, Luhe…