Xu Sheng

Name: Xu Sheng Date of Birth: June 11, 1996 Tel: 05512843432 She was last seen wearing shorts. She has a black mark in the middle of her chin, and was tall and thin, with short hair. Location where lost: Guangdong Province, Chaozhou City, Chaoan County State: Guizhou Province

Huang Zijian

Name: Huang Zijian Date of Birth: February 2, 2007 Tel: 05512843432 It had been two years since he went through hernia surgery and he had a 4 cm perennial wound on the right side of his body, and a 1.5cm khaki-colored birthmark. Location where lost: Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, South County Wholesale Market State: Sichuan…

Zhou Jun Hong

Name: Zhou Jun Hong Date of Birth: 4 years old Tel: 05512843432 He was wearing a blue zipper dress, white shoes when he went missing. He had two faint bite marks on his arm from rodents and had big eyes. Location where lost: Fuling District, South Gate Hill Chongbai footbridge State: Chongqing City

He Yunfeng

Name: He Yunfeng Date of Birth: February 16, 2005 Tel: 05512843432 When he went missing he was about 1 meter tall, thin, had a round face, double-fold eye lids, and a right spinning hair whorl. There is a mole under his right ear, he had pale skin, and spoke the Sichuan dialect though he didn’t…

Li Lei

Name: Li Lei Date of Birth: Born in 1985 Tel: 05512843432 He had a small round face, big eyes, single eyelids, and two hair whorls. There is a dent in his forehead from when he fell. Location where lost: Xi’an City, Yanta District, Wu Jia Fen Street State: Shaanxi Province

Yang Hao

Name: Yang Hao Date of Birth: April 3, 2008 Tel: 05512843432 He was a very chubby baby, and had fair skin when he was kidnapped. Location where lost: Shandong Province, Yuncheng County State: Shandong Province

Wei Guang

Name: Wei Guang Date of Birth: November 10, 1987 Tel: 05512843432 He was wearing a brown sweater and knitted wool trousers when he went missing. Tel: 15939880250 Location where lost: Henan Province, Sanmenxia City, backdoor of Department Store State: Henan Province

Tian Xiaoyu

Name: Tian Xiaoyu Date of Birth: 10/28/1996 Tel: 05512843432 She injured the pinky on her right hand and it has healed. Location where lost: Zhejiang Province, Huzhou City, Deqing County, New Town State: Zhejiang Province

Ye Ran

Name: Ye Ran Date of Birth: September 15, 1986 Tel: 05512843432 The back of his head was very round and he has a mark left on him from climbing trees. He was abducted in 1989 in Fujian Shishi. “As a child, your father called you Little Tiger.” Location where lost: Fujian Shishi State: Jiangsu Province

Lei Chenglong

Name: Lei Chenglong Date of Birth: Born in 2002 Tel: 05512843432 He was wearing a grass green coat, blue jeans and tall green boots when he went missing. Liu Rene said that Cheng Long could speak both Longquan and Mandarin, and knew home address and his parents’ names. Location where lost: Zhejiang Province, Longquan City…