Changxi Qing

Name: Changxi Qing Date of Birth: –/–/1998 Tel: 13865025339 He was about 1.2 meters tall when he went missing. At about 18:00 on April 22, 2008, he rode a bicycle to Qingrong Avenue, Hong Road, Fuqing and did not return. He was wearing a blue jacket with zipper, jeans and leather shoes. Please contact his…

Bai Xiao

Name: Bai Xiao Date of Birth: –/–/1990 Tel: 13865025339 He was about 1.62 meters tall and spoke the Shouyang dialect when he went missing. Location where lost: Shanxi Province, Yuanping State: Shanxi Province

Last name: Lu

Name: Last name: Lu Date of Birth: 03/12/1990 Tel: 13865025339 He had just learned to walk and didn’t know how to speak. He had large ears and two hair whorls on his head. He sometimes played with some older children. However, one day, a man tricked the older kids into leaving him alone by giving…

Jun Qi

Name: Jun Qi Date of Birth: 08/26/1993 Tel: 13865025339 He was 110 cm tall, and thin. He had single eyelids, yellow hair, a scar in the middle of his forehead, and one blue birthmark on his left arm. He was wearing blue sportswear when he was lost. Location where lost: Guangdong Province, Dongguan State: Chongqing

Zhiyan Chen

Name: Zhiyan Chen Date of Birth: 11/29/1993 Tel: 13865025339 He is deaf and mute. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact us. Location where lost: Hubei Province, Wuxue City, Meichuang Township, Denggao Moutain State: Hubei Province


Name: Hanghang Date of Birth: 06/28/2002 Tel: 13865025339 He had single eyelids and could remember that his sister’s original phone number was 13793252748. One year ago, my aunt wanted to buy tickets to Dalian, but the tickets were sold out. So my aunt decided to spend two days in the waiting room. However, on the…

Zhouxing Zheng

Name: Zhouxing Zheng Date of Birth: 2002 February 26 Tel: 13865025339 He was about one meter tall and was wearing an orange sweater, gray pants and black sneakers when he went missing. Location where lost: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Liwan District, Hesha Village State: Guangdong Province