Zixuan Zhang

Name: Zixuan Zhang Date of Birth: April 2, 2006 Tel: 13865025339 She was wearing a white t-shirt, pink shorts and red slippers. She could only communicate using basic words. She had two hair whorls on her head. At around 14:00 on July 28, she was lost in Fushicheng, No.4 Mingyi Road. If you know anything,…

Guopeng Wang

Name: Guopeng Wang Date of Birth: 06/06/1992 Tel: 13865025339 He had small eyes and a protruding upper lip. Location where lost: Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City, Lanxi, Huangdian Town State: Zhejiang, China

Yang Tianci

Name: Yang Tianci Date of Birth: July 5, 2000 Tel: 13865025339 He was 1.2 meters tall and was wearing a white blue-strap vest, sky-blue pants, and dark blue slippers when he went missing. Location where lost: Hebei Province, Ningjing County, Dacaozhuang Farm State: Hebei

Zongxuan Zhang

Name: Zongxuan Zhang Date of Birth: February 11, 2008 Tel: 13865025339 He had a purple mole on his upper back. Location where lost: Jiangsu Province, Zhao Zhen Zhao County, twelve groups Kitamura State: Jiangsu Province

Feng Wang

Name: Feng Wang Date of Birth: 02/25/1999 Tel: 13865025339 She was 90 cm tall and had big eyes with long upturned eyelashes, and an oval face. There was a small black mark on her upper left arm and a small triangular black mark on her hip. She was wearing a light yellow shirt and red…

Yongjin Fu

Name: Yongjin Fu Date of Birth: 06/07/1991 Tel: 13865025339 He was 1.7 meters tall and thin. There was a scar on his foot and a mole on the back of his neck. He was an honest looking boy. Location where lost: Fuzhou, Fujian Province State: Fujian Province

Honghong Pei

Name: Honghong Pei Date of Birth: 1986 February 28 Tel: 13865025339 She had big eyes with double eyelids and a scar on her leg. She knew the family opened a steamed bun shop and she was very talkative. Location where lost: Shanxi Province, Yuncheng City, Jiang County, Nanfan Town Xinjiang County of Yuncheng City, Shanxi…